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Small circular silver medal with an anchor, a shield, a lamp, and the ocean. The 
King's Medal for Scholarship from the Senior Grammar School in 1928. The front reads: "The King's Medal for S...

1912 – 1916

Bronze medal of Woodrow Wilson by Agnes Lodberg, modelled at the time of his first inauguration. Wilson faces right, the words "Woodrow Wilson, President of the United States, March 4, 1913" are ar...

Silver medal presented by Newport Horticultural Society to Mrs. Theodore K. Gibbs Sept. 11, 1905 for Japanese plants. Front of coins features the Old Stone Mill and reads, "Newport Horticulture Soc...

1891 Read Medal for Scholarship awarded to John Francis Hamilton. The face features the Hope anchor with a lamp at top floating over waves. The reverse is engraved with the recipient's name and the...

January 1890

Five pointed medal with image of the Old Stone Mill and the words "Newport Horticultural Society/Organized January 1890" in a circle. Possibly made of silver. The medal is attached to a chain that ...

1888 – 1890

1888 and 1890 Gibbs Medal for Scholarship awarded to John Francis Hamilton. The 1888 medal reads: "The Gibbs Medal for Scholarship, Fourth Grammar Class, 1888, Newport, R.I., John Francis Hamilton,...


Congressional Medal, issued 1873, for the Saving of Life from the Wreck of the Steamer Metis on Long Island Sound, August 31, 1872. Front of medal depicts a man saving a woman from a shipwreck, bri...

December 17 1811

Wafer thin silver oval with inscriptions on both sides. Accomodation at top for ribbon and chain. Inscription: "Given/to/Mastr. Jno. Choules/by/Mr. Thos. Evans/Dec. 17, 1811/Redcliff/Grammar School...

Medal from the Newport Horticultural Society. Front features the Old Stone Mill with the words, "Newport Historical Society, Organized Jan 1890" around the permimeter. The reverse is blank.

Round medal attached to a gold-colored bow with a pin. The outer portion of the medal is blue and reads "Newport/ 1639". The inner portion of the medal depicts a golden Old Stone Mill.

Clam shell-shaped medal depicting the Old Stone Mill and the words "104/ Newport, RI". Maker mark stamped onto back of medal. Possibly made of pewter.

Gold medal w/ the insignia of the society of Mayflower descendants: "Plymouth 1620-1897." Floral design around medal -- attached to a cream colored ribbon. Medal belonged to George Champlin Mason I...

Convex circular medallion w/ hanging ring; engraved w/ coil rattle snake under words "Beware" w/ stylized leaves; simple leaf and line border; reverse side inscribed: "Where Liberty Dwells There Is...

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