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Pair of white leather dress boots with eleven white buttons up the sides, 1 1/2" heel, 9" high boot total.

Pair of white satin boots with 'Baby Louis' heel, eight white buttons on each boot, clear beaded bow ornament on foot. Beaded bow-ornament on instep. Worn with D414 AB white satin dress circa 1883....

A pair of black leather baby boots worn by C.L.F. Robinson (b. July 6, 1874-d. July 9, 1916). Features include a scalloped closure with four black buttons and a twill lining fabric. Leather soles.

circa 1850

Pair of ladies white satin dress boots, square toes, 1" heel, boots lace up on one side. Twenty hand stitched eyelets on each boot with a thin white shoe lace laced through the holes. Used for form...

Pair of olive green moreen silk boots, brown laces, twenty four holes on each boot. 7" high, ankle interior is of white canvas. Lace in front, low broad heels. Factory made, brass eyelets.

Black satin boots, marked "worn in 1849" Lacing over ankles.

Pair of white silk, flat soled 4" high boot, eighteen eyelets, white shoelaces laced up the sides.

Pair of 4" ladies' high white leather boots with lace-up sides, laces are missing, white linen lining, flat bottom. "Pierce" is written on the bottom of shoe B.

Pair of child's tan leather boots 3-1/2" high with five tan buttons up the side of the boot.

A single child's brown leather boot with a purple silk lining that extends beyond the top of the boot. Red, white, and blue drawstring ribbon in the lining. Ten eyelets, no shoelaces.

Pair of child's brown 5" high leather lace-up boots. Twenty eyelets on each boot, shoelaces are missing, thin tongue. Accompanied with a newspaper clipping of a poem entitled 'the little shoes' fou...

Pair of child's black leather 4" high lace-up boots. Twelve eyelets on each boot, brown shoelaces laced through item. White linen linging with red trim.

Pair of brown leatehr baby boots, 2-1/2" high with four brown buttons on each boot.

Baby's brown leather boot with four brown buttons up the side of the boot, 2-3/4" high. Stamped into the interior of boot is "2 D4631".

Pair of ladies white canvas boots 9" high, thirty-four eyelets on each boot with white shoelaces laced through them. Shoes have white heels and pointed toes. "R 70 08" written in ink on the bottom ...

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