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before 1927

Souvenir photo booklet of Newport. Contains photos of Old Stone Mill-Touro Park; Statue of Commodore Matthew C. Perry-Touro Park; The Casino; Court of the Casino; entrance to Jews' Cemetery; one pa...

August 21 1927

Providence Sunday Journal.

A panoramic photograph depicting an interior courtyard at the Newport Casino. The Casino's clocktower is visible at center; an elaborate display, including shrubs, arbors, trellises, and statuary, ...

A panoramic photograph of Seaverge and its surrounding landscape. Photograph is part of a page from one of Henry O. Havemeyer's albums.

A panoramic photograph of Land's End and Rockhurst as photographed from the Cliff Walk. Photograph is part of a page from one of Henry O. Havemeyer's albums.

Acknowledgement of donation of 15 volumes of miscellaneous works to Redwood Library and Athenaeum from Lewis G. Morris. Signed by Roderick Terry, President.

Image of the cast of "O'hara San" given by the Rogers High School Glee Club. Many actors and actresses are wearing appropriative approximations of Japanese dress, and employing makeup to impersonat...

A photograph of De La Salle Academy's Graduation exercises, June 1927. A group of people are seen sitting to the left and right of an aisle at foreground; another group is sitting on a stage in the...

February 24 1927

Paper certificate with orange letters. Presented to Henry A. Curtis for being exalted to the sublime degree of royal arch and for becoming a life member of Newport Chapter, no. 2. Royal Arch Masons...

Photographic print of a woman standing next to what is identified as an "Indian corn mill" in Conanicut Park, Jamestown. The woman is wearing an ankle length dress, and is leaning on a small wooden...

circa 1927

Map of Newport including points of interest and villas and their owners. folded into a blue and yellow booklet. Compiled by Simon Hart. 

Rogers Highschool class of 1927 yearbook. 

A photograph depicting John Clarke School's class of 1927 (8th grade). Students are seated on wooden bleachers in Cardines Field. The tower of the Marlborough Street Fire Station is visible in the ...

Photograph: John Clarke School, Eighth Grade, 1927.

A photograph of Mumford School's Class of 1927. Students are seen seated and standing in tiered rows under a large tree. The school building, located on Farewell Street, can be seen at left.

A photograph of Rogers High School's Class of 1927. Graduates are seated on the steps of the high school, located on Broadway. Isobel Nance Holden (donor's mother: right side, second row up from ...

A photograph of Mrs. Willing Spencer, Mrs. Grace Wilson Vanderbilt, and Mrs. Franklyn Mott Gunther on the grounds of Ocean Links.

A photograph of Miss Marion Snowden holding a large trophy at Bailey's Beach. Miss Snowden won a swimming race held at the beach.

A photograph of Miss Leslie Bogert in riding attire with a pony.

A photograph of Miss Marion Wilson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R.T. Wilson of New York, Saratoga, and Newport. Miss Wilson is pictured at Green Leaf Cottage on Indian Avenue. She is seen leaning on...

Black and white photograph of the interior of the theatre at the Casino, now the Tennis Hall of Fame. Image shows stage with piano, seats, and balcony.

1926 – 1936

Red cosmetic compact from the House of Tre-Jur, Inc. The top left corner features the Tre-Jur logo of a bonneted woman using a compact. The bottom right corner is stamped with Tre-Jur as well as th...

10 photographs, black and white featuring surf at Beavertail, various points along Ocean Drive, and a windmill on Hathaway Farm in Portsmouth. Most have a caption and date on reverse.

Newpaper clippings related to the 1924-1925 Rogers High School Basketball Team, including their 1957 Reunion.

1923 – 1963

A scrapbook of the life and family of Mrs. John A. Edes [Dorothy Malzacher]. Starting in 1923 with her reign as Miss Newport, the scrapbook continues compiling newspaper clippings and cards from he...

A photograph of "Ashbel", Countess Mansfet, Clarie Tolan, Mrs. King Corley, Anna Sands, Clarie Tolan, and Mrs. Loew at Bailey's Beach. The group is seen standing on the beach in front of a shingle...

A photograph of Jeanne and Eugene Reynal at Bailey's Beach. Jeanne wears a printed shift dress and holds a parasol, while Eugene wears a suit and a boater.

Off white baby's jacket with embroidered details around collar, bottom edge and cuffs.

Print, Photographic
circa 1920 – 1940

A collection of photographic prints, including the following: -One oversized photograph of Rogers High School graduates, 1926. -One photographic postcard depicting an unidentified group of school c...

Tourist pamphlet for Newport, RI. Front cover features title above drawing of patrons at Newport Beach. Inside details other tourist destinations in Newport with information as well as popular even...

Name Plate
1920 – 1966

Name plate for a door -- curvy rectangular metal frame with two screw holes. Rectangular plate with white background and blue letters reading "J.S. DEBLOIS." 

1920 – 1935

Dairy type, clear, with embossed lettering on front, back, neck and bottom. Embossed on front: 'Aquidneck/ Dairymen's/ Ass'n. Inc/ Newport, R.I./ Registered'. Embossed around neck: 'Aquidneck'. Emb...

1920 – 1937

Dairy type, white, ribbed neck, embossed label inlaid circle. Two circles on both sides of neck with letters. Embossed letters on back and bottom. Embossed inside pressed circle: 'J.P. Fritz/ Islan...

1920 – 1937

Half pint dairy, clear, embossed on one side, scalloped edged ribbed neck, embossed circle on bottom. Embossed side: 'half Pint Liquid/ Island Creamery/ Newport RI/ embossed inside pressed circle, ...

Flat rectangular hinged silver change purse with chain handle; spring loaded holders for nickels and dimes; snap catch; raised floral design on lid.

1920 – 1940

A half pint bottle for milk or cream. On side: "Half Pint/Tmfc. Co/14." on back side of bottle: "Mass/T/Seal"

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