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1966 – 1968

Ticketbook No. 05490 issued by the Jamestown Bridge Commission. Cover reads in part, "18-Trip Bridge Ticket Book, Form T-4-18C. This Ticket Book of coupons isvalid for 18 Passages over the Jamestow...

September 25 1934

Ticket to witness race from a patrol destroyer.

Ticket for Mr. Edward Gosling and guest to the international yacht races, includes envelope.

Ticket for Mr. Edward Gosling to the international yacht races.

September 1899

Round cardboard tag with cord. Printed on one side is a picture of a horse in the center with legend around outside rim: "Newport Horse Show/Incorporated 1898" on back: "Newport Historical Society,...

August 20 1884

Old Colony Railroad ticket from Tiverton to Newport. 'J. Sprague Jr.', '964' on right side.

A ticket for steamship passage issued by the Narragansett Steamship Company/Fall River Line to Ida Lewis. The ticket is designated as "Complimentary," and was valid through December 31, 1869.

August 23 1859

Two orange tickets with black text 're-union, morning and evening, Newport, Rhode Island, august 23, 1859'. Written on back of ticket 2000.7.20.1 is 'enter large tent, W. Newton'.

Stack of seven red tickets for Ryan Family Amuseuments, all attached to each other. Each has individual number on the right edge.

Blue movie ticket from the Jane Pickens Theatre, Washington Square Newport. Ticket has been torn in half. Back of ticket is blank, front of ticket reads '...tainment/ ...rises, inc./ ...it one/ ......

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