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Porringer (dish)
1785 – 1800

Porringer with engraved initial in script on handle: "H". Rococo-style handle with eleven piercings. marked with "Arnold" on handle.

Curved oval silver frame shoe buckles with bead-like ornament, twi-tined fork bears a heart-shaped motif.

Spoon, Eating
1755 – 1770

Spoon with engraved initials: "S*F" (original) and "NT" (added) in script; handle curves up; has mid-rib on front. "TA" enclosed in a square, "ARNOLD" enclosed in a rectangle.

1751 – 1828

Coin silver spoon with marking on back consistent with Thomas Arnold (1734-1828). Engravings on the handle are present: a script monogram "CC" and the numeral 3.

circa 1750

Spoon with engraved initials: "SF"; shell on back of bowl; handle turns down; midrib on front. maker's mark is initials "TA"

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