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Piece of black lace.

Swatch of blue silk ribbon "from Mr. William Sherman's dry goods store"

Unfinished chestnut wood gavel, raised double rings on head, delicate handle has 4 incised rings near end.

Square ceramic tiles with various illustrations of Trinity Church. White tile with brown illustrations: three pen sketches of Trinity Church, exterior, the old church lane, interior with pulpit and...

Watercolor view of Newport from Tammany Hill: beige sky, green fields and trees, farmhouse with 2 red chimneys in center; dog with yellow collar and picnic basket in right foreground.

Liverpool type Earthenware pitcher which has three black transfer printed Masonic emblems on front, back, and under spout. Once owned by Miss M.E. Powel.

Flat piece of ivory resting on four ivory legs, triangular piece of wood screwed into top of ivory. 'M. E. Powel' written in pencil on bottom of piece; '72' also written on bottom.

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