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Land register
September 18 1745

A draft of a house lot belonging to Richard Roes (possibly a misspelling of Richard Rose or Richard Roas). The document shows a division of the lot on the 18th of September 1745, as surveyed by Sam...

December 29 1730 – March 31 1731

Document is an order from the court of common pleas to Ebenezer Goddard to pay John Stevens a debt of 12 pounds, 12 shillings, 7 pence. Goddard is "in want of sufficient estates" to pay the debt an...

Call for a meeting to discuss the Coddington Commission.

1652 Commission of England's Council of State creating a separate government for the island of Aquidneck and Jamestown. The document establishes William Coddington as governor.

A painting of a man identified as William Coddington. Painting was most likely executed by Nehemiah Partridge.

Topical map of Newport, RI with points of interest marked and illustrated. Some locations are marked with information about the historical significance. The border of the map included depictions of...

Small cylindrical box made of tortoise shell with riveted metal fasteners; top missing. Attached card: "used by Gov. William Coddington. Given by Thatcher Thayer, D.D., to Samuel Marsh, a descendan...

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