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July 1877

Article in Potter's American Monthly titled, "Civic and Scenic Rhode Island - Newport in 1877."

Doll, Paper
circa 1877

Paper doll blue, white and red dress. Right arm is bent at the elbow, left arm hangs down by side. 'Maude' is written in pencil on back of dress.

Two paper doll dresses with tabs intact at the shoulders. A has a pink skirt, white shirt and a yellow jacket and is holding a hat in the right hand. B is a orange, blue, pink and white dress with ...

Dress A has two paper tabs intact at shoulders, long sleeve dress of orange and two shades of blue. Dress B is a green skirt with long sleeves and a purple jacket, dress Chas a purple jacket and a ...

A is 'Louise' in her undergarments and shoes standing on a blue, red, yellow and green floor. B is a red winter coat with white hand muff and blue and white skirt. C is a yellow and green short sle...

A is the paper doll 'Clara' wearing her undergarments and shoes. B is a green and red dress. C is a blue and white striped dress. D is a blue, yellow and green dress. Written on back of A in pencil...

Folder of the paper doll 'Dora' with four of her dresses. Front of folder shows Dora against a black background, back of folder lists paper dolls in book form by Mcloughlin Bros. Directions for mak...

Folder containing the paper doll 'Nellie' and her dresses. Front of folder shows Nellie standing on a rock in a river. Back of the folder lists the different types of paper dolls made by the Chroma...

Doll, Paper
circa 1877

Folder for the paper doll 'Florence' and her dresses from the 'Bon Ton Series' (3 cents each). One side of folder shows a blindfolded florence, the other side of the folder lists the six kinds of p...

Copy of a map of the area around Sachuest Beach (Second Beach) in Middletown, based on drawing by John Mumford in 1716. Notation on map reads: "A Plot taken from one Drawn by John Mumford July 26 1...

This ledger accounts for the daily operations of a working farm, very likely Hammersmith Farm, from 1877 through 1898. Items accounted include hay, crops, animals and physical improvements to struc...

Two bust silhouettes of a man wearing a hat, goatee; black on white, no frame. A) faces left, B) faces right.

Sepia toned photograph of firefighters in front of the fire station on Young Street. Fire station number 7. There are 11 men standing in the foreground in uniform. There are two men and a young ...

circa 1875 – 1925

Fine gray and black silk bodice with fabric on giadonal panels next to vertical stripes, stand up collar, slits at side seams, covered button panel in front, buttons missing.

1875 – 1900

Cream lightweight wool petticoat with machine embroidered design around hem. Embroidery done after hem was turned up. Cotton waistband with 5/8 in. mother of pearl button. Waist gathered in back ne...

1875 – 1950

Square, cream-colored shawl with 8 inch knotted fringe on all sides. Satin weave forms pattern on tabby ground. Edges of shawl folded under with fringe knotted through fold. 

D166 AB
1875 – 1925

Lady's cotton stockings in light tan. Drop-stitch stripe, machine made.

D165 AB
1875 – 1925

Ladies black silk stocking. Fancy type, machine made.

D164 AB
1875 – 1925

Light blue cotton stockings. Machine knit, full fashioned. Fancy open work foot and lower leg. Stamped "Germany."

1875 – 1925

Skirt is part of an evening gown, made of black velvet trimmed with jet. Very large waist line. Can be lent.

1875 – 1925

Indigo blue and white plaid kerchief or handkerchief. Made of homespun linen. 22.5 square inches. Marked in cross stitch "A.A."

1875 – 1925

Tan cross bar check and border, homespun linen kerchief or handkerchief. Hand colored by mosses and indigo.

1875 – 1925

Tan cross bar, check and border at 2 ends. Homespun linen. 23 square inches.

Hat, Top
1875 – 1925

Black top hat similiar to D274, 1.75 inch band of broadcloth with slightly bell crown. Curly brim. Made by Robert Heath.

D177 AB
1875 – 1925

White gloves with black stitching on back. New, in original paper.

1875 – 1885

White; cross bar dimity. Similar to D350, but with heavier edging.

D333 AB
1875 – 1925

Black silk umbrella with a curved black metal handle. Also included is a black metal umbrella case that pulls out three times. When the umbrella is in the case it looks like a walking stick.

1875 – 1925

Square shawl of gray beige silk with a striped border woven into the material in white (or a lighter shade of the gray beige). Two sides are selvedge and the other two are hemmed.

White starched man's cuff with five button holes.

1875 – 1925

Black velvet coat with black silk lining. Patch pocket inside PR breast. Soutache braiding on shawl collar and cuffs. No waist line or back slit in skirt. Machine lock stitch inside. Gathering at s...

Round canoe fender made of two pieces of leather sewn around edges and stuffed, hanging tab on one side, star incised in leather in center of both sides. Found in the left of J.T O'connell's ship c...

A photograph depicting the exterior of the Great Friends Meeting House, around the last quarter of the 19th century. The meeting house's central19th century addition is visible (including two larg...

A photograph depicting the exterior of the Great Friends Meeting House, around the last quarter of the 19th century. The meeting house's central19th century addition is visible (including two larg...

Autograph book of Phebie E.T. Weaver. Book contains many signatures, verses and personal messages from residents of Newport, Middletown, Portsmouth and other places in New England. Book most notabl...

A black and white photograph of Linden Gate, located at the corner of Rhode Island Avenue and Old Beach Road.

Dress (garment)
1871 – 1881

White with small gray figure. Muslin. Trim with lace, belt missing.

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