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Religious Pendant
September 5 1875

Gold cross inscribed "ECB" on the front, "Sept 5, 1875" on side. Small ring attached to top for chain or ribbon.

June 8 1875

Black ink on white paper poster. Text on upper half of poster, in faded black ink, reads: 'old colony railroad/ friends'/ yearly meeting/ at/ Newport, RI./ Sunday, June 13, '75.' the lower half of ...

Postcard style New Year's card to Mary Weaver from J.P. Newell. The front of the card is notated by Newell, "London views on Thames River." Reverse features a pen sketch of a bird flying "across th...

Postcard style Christmas card to Phoebe Weaver from J.P. Newell. Reverse features a pen sketch of a bird flying over water. This card was found tucked inside 2013.22.1, Phoebe Weaver's autograph book.

Wedding gown worn by Maria Elizabeth Cory Brown, married November 10, 1875. Gown is comprised of a bodice and a separate skirt made of several layers of off-white plain weave fabric. First layer is...

circa 1875

"Bournous" wrap in blue and white wool. Marked "a fashionable wrap of the 1870s"

circa 1875

Under petticoat in white cotton sheeting. Hamburg edge, hand sewed.

circa 1875

Boy's cravat made of silk with Roman stripe, cherry, green, blue, etc. Worn with D357 ABC.

D357 A-C
circa 1875

Boy's suit for a 7-8 year old in black velvet, trimmed with braid.

D406 AB
circa 1875

Black net undersleeved with plaited new ruffles. Black bows (found with Dress D403)

Dress, Wedding
circa 1875

Cream white wedding dress. Made of brocaded velvet and ribbed silk. Bodice and train of velvet cut together; skirt of ribbed silk, trimmed with chenile fringe. Belonged to Mrs. Jerrill, nee Miss C...


circa 1875 – 1925

Fine gray and black silk bodice with fabric on giadonal panels next to vertical stripes, stand up collar, slits at side seams, covered button panel in front, buttons missing.

circa 1875

White, Lady's Apron; ties around waist, heavily embroidered.

circa 1875

Black silk ladies' jacket with fitted waist, black band trim around cuffs, neck and down front of jacket. Four black buttons down front; two rows of five buttons on lower back and sides. Leaf desig...

circa 1875

Oval bust-length portrait of Dr. Samuel Ward Francis; receding hairline, brown hair, mustache and partial beard. Black suit, white shirt with red stickpin under bow tie. Subject lived in Newport, R...

Two curved cylindrical-shaped needles, the eye in "A" is larger than the eye in "B." Made from walrus ivory. Pre-2009: Catalogued in 1981 as sail needles; more likely net needles. Relate to mariti...

A photograph of the Newport Artillery Company outside their armory on Clarke Street. All men are wearing uniforms; some are holding guns. The Second Congregational Church and Zion Episcopal Church ...

A print made from a photomechanical image found in George C. Mason's "Newport and its Cottages" (1875). Print depicts Beach Cliffe, a mansion located at the corner of Bath Road and Rhode Island Av...

circa 1875

A stereograph depicting the grounds at Belair, home of the Norman Family located on Old Beach Road (earlier Buena Vista). Two pieces of twig furniture can be seen in the distance towards left. "Reg...

circa 1875

A stereograph depicting a Gothic Revival-style chicken coop at Belair, which has a clipped gable and posts and railings made from logs. A wire fence is visible behind the coop.

circa 1875

A stereograph depicting a group of adults and children posed on an around a tree house on the grounds of Belair, the Norman Family estate on Old Beach Road (earlier Buena Vista).

circa 1875

Rough ashlar gate posts and cast-iron gate at an entrance to Belair, the Norman Family home located on Old Beach Road (earlier Buena Vista). This entrance pictured here is located at the corner of...

circa 1875

A stereograph depiciting a group of children and adults, most likely members of the Norman family, seated and standing under several trees. One girl at left appears to be holding a bow. The photo...

circa 1875

A stereograph depicting the grounds of Belair as seen from a rear porch. A rustic carved chair is seen at left. Handwritten text on card at left reads: "Mrs. G.H. Norman."

circa 1875

A stereograph depicting a child, most likely from the Norman family, with three women (probably nurses). The group is standing on the grounds of Belair, directly in front of a greenhouse (left) and...

circa 1875

A photograph of the landscape behind Belair. An exotic bird is visible between trees at foreground; the house's porch, covered in ivy, is visible in the background.

A carte-de-visite depicting "Mrs. Morritt's grandchildren," the Corbetts.

A carte-de-visite depicting Comte Robert de Pourtales, c. 1875. Pourtales wears a coat with wide lapels, a waistcoat, a white collar, and a bow tie. He has long sideburns, a beard, and a moustache.

A carte-de-visite depicting Tamy Taylor. Ms. Taylor wears a pillbox-style hat, long earrings, and a hair net.

A black and white photograph depicting Washington Square during the second half of the 19th century. At the top of the square is the Colony House; utility poles with wires are seen throughout. B...

A black and white photograph of the steamship "Rhode Island." The ship has two large smoke stacks and a large paddle wheel cover; several people are gathered at its front.

A photograph of Chateau-sur-Mer, a house located on Bellevue Avenue. Architectural features include a mansard roof, dormers, corbels, rough hewn stone, a large veranda supported by columns, and an...

The Loring Andrews House, Bellevue Avenue at Bancroft Avenue. House was later owned by Theodore A. Havemeyer (then called "Freidheim"). Image is a copy print from George C. Mason's "Newport and Its...

1875 – 1900

Cream lightweight wool petticoat with machine embroidered design around hem. Embroidery done after hem was turned up. Cotton waistband with 5/8 in. mother of pearl button. Waist gathered in back ne...

1875 – 1950

Square, cream-colored shawl with 8 inch knotted fringe on all sides. Satin weave forms pattern on tabby ground. Edges of shawl folded under with fringe knotted through fold. 

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