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D533 AC
circa 1872

Wedding dress; green/gray taffeta bodice, long sleeves, ruffled high collar, brown buttons. Came with very long green/gray silk piece.

A black and white photograph depicting the Newport Young Ladies Archery Society, c. 1872. The photograph was taken on the grounds of Beaulieu, at the time the home of Federico L. Barreda, Peruvian...

Bible belonging to Ida Lewis. Printed by W.L. Richardson & Co. 1872 with paneled black and gold leather binding containing manuscript family records of Ida Lewis.

Drawing of the Newport Manufacturing Company with entrances to the office, machine shop, engine room and blacksmith shop. A box car is on the tracks. Written on the box car is 'Old Colony 889 Newpo...


Lithograph of The Yacht Squadron At Newport. Sailboats, row boats and 1 steamboat under gray sky. Gives names of sailboats below. Wood frame. Published By Currier and Ives, New York.

1872 – 1873

Bobbin-holder is a lantern with a glass dome-shaped stone in the center. This is attached by a clip to a chain which holds the scissors. Scissors were made by John Cooper, London (A) and (B) bobbin...

Fan, Brisé
1872 – 1875

Autograph fan, brise' type with names and dates of friends of original owner (Annie Southwick) on both sides in pencil, decal flowers and fruit on one side. Autographs with names of friends and dat...

A carte-de-visite (trimmed into an oval shape) most likely depicting Mary King, 1872.

A carte-de-visite depicting an unidentified man, 1872. The man wears a bow tie, white shirt, and jacket with wide lapels. He has a moustache, trimmed beard, and a short hairstyle.

Dress (garment)
1871 – 1881

White with small gray figure. Muslin. Trim with lace, belt missing.

A matted photograph of traffic on Bellevue Avenue at Bath Road, looking south. Storefronts with striped awnings are visible at left; the Travers Block (completed 1871) is visible at center. Bicycli...

circa 1870 – 1890

Brown velvet toque trimmed with black beading, an ombre ostrich feather, copper filigree ornament, and a black taxidermied bird. The hat also feathers long black velvet lapettes which are worn towa...

A pair of black leather baby boots worn by C.L.F. Robinson (b. July 6, 1874-d. July 9, 1916). Features include a scalloped closure with four black buttons and a twill lining fabric. Leather soles.

Print, Photographic
circa 1870 – 1900

Sepia toned photograph of Willow Street in the Point. Image shows four houses along Willow, including number 27.

Print, Photographic
circa 1870 – 1910

Sepia toned photograph of Caswell Massey Co. on Bellevue Avenue, Casino Block. Photograph shows the front window of the shop with 3 men and one boy standing in front of the doorway. Middle front of...

Print, Photographic
circa 1870 – 1900

Sepia toned photo of Oliver Hazard Perry Belmont. Subject is facing slightly left and wears a dark jacket, white shirt, and dark tie. Photo is oval shaped.

Underskirt of 97.38. Upper part of skirt is a brown, plain weave cotton. Lower part of skirt is a royal blue silk satin. 4 3/4 in. box pleated hem. Seams machine lock stitched, but seam allowances ...

Overskirt of 97.38. Main fabric is brown silk with brocaded blue foliate meanders. Front of skirt opens to reveal underskirt. Opening trimmed with 3 1/2 in. wide blue silk satin. Closes with 2 meta...

1870 – 1890

Gored black skirt with panels of machine-made lace (Possibly Raschel knit, rather than a true lace. Further identification needed). Lace sewn onto white fabric panels 3 1/2 in. wide. Trim of a gath...

1870 – 1880

Print of Gen. Burnside with words written above the image, "Rev. Cook's Picture of Burnside" and "Proof before letters" below. Burnside is shown surrouned by a curtain frame.

1870 – 1920

"Pinner" type, no strings. Blue and white plaid linen.

Bodice of 97.38. Fashion fabric is brown silk with brocaded blue foliate meanders. Lined with three different brown plain weave cottons. Twill tape petersham. Mix of hand and machine stitches. 5 ch...

Bonnet (hat)
1870 – 1890

Black bonnet with straw brim and lacey straw crown, velvet streamers, velvet flower trim, silk under straw crown.

1870 – 1890

Black straw, colored silk flowers, black satin streamers. 

1870 – 1880

Small black lace hat with lace trim streamers and purple ribbon and black flower trim. 

1870 – 1890

Small black milan straw hat with black and white flowers and two long black velvet ribbons. 

1870 – 1890

Black lace and ribbon trim, velvet flowers on top of and under the brim, flat shape. 

D403 ABC
1870 – 1875

Three piece dark blue velvet winter costume. Jacket has bell sleeves, six velvet buttons (three on each side) with braided rope connecting them. Quilted lining. Bodice has long sleeves with large c...

1870 – 1900

Female bust; head tilted down, eyes closed; hair pulled back, but is hanging on shoulders; flowers about breasts and back. Signed, " "Wm. G. Turner. Sc." Donor is the artist's nephew.

1870 – 1882

Nightstick: policeman's wooden club, lathe-turned with incised rings on handle, hole below grip ring for strap; strap missing. Belonged to Eugene Barker of Hall(?) Ave., policeman killed in line of...

Round female profile bust faces left; long wavy hair which holds a rose; relief sculpture. In a frame.

Three pale pink water lilies amid pads of various shades of green and dark pink, enclosed with a narrow border of white and a wider border of dark blue. John La Farge, artist (1835-1910). Made in N...

A photographic print of the Thomas Gold Appleton House (circa 1870), as seen in George C. Mason's "Newport and Its Cottages" (1875). House has a large porch covered in vines or ivy; exterior has de...

Richard Baker's villa, "Westcliff," at Bailey's Beach. Constructed circa 1870; photo by Clarence Stanhope (d. 1923).

Sheet music
1869 – 1911

Sheet music, "Respectfully dedicated to the Heroine of New Port Lime Rock, Miss Ida Lewis." The cover features an illustration of Ida Lewis standing with Lime Rock Lighthouse in the background, as ...

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