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Comb, Hair
before 1870

Child's comb with a tortoise shell decoration. Comb is an 'Alice in Wonderland' style.

Double page spread from Frank Leslie's Illustrated newspaper depicting the Union Hotel of Saratoga New York in an engraving. Central image is of hotel with a flurry of activity in surrounding stree...

circa 1870

Undated photographic print of the firemen associated with the Mill Street Fire Station (Fire station 1), likely the building on Mill street (the Torrent Engine No. 1 station) across the street from...

Copy print of an undated photograph of the Dr. David King property, later the Muenchinger-King Hotel, located at the corner of Catherine Street and Bellevue. The image shows Dr. King's family and o...

Undated photographic print of David James Gould, mounted in card. Text written on the mount indicates Gould was born on March 2nd, 1813, and died on April 17th, 1879.

Photograph of Farewell Street, taken from the cupola of an unidentified building, possibly the Old State House, so the length of the street is visible. A number of buildings that are no longer exta...

circa 1870

This is a map of Newport that includes the house sites along most roads throughout the city. 

circa 1870 – 1890

Brown velvet toque trimmed with black beading, an ombre ostrich feather, copper filigree ornament, and a black taxidermied bird. The hat also feathers long black velvet lapettes which are worn towa...

circa 1870

"Newport R.I. (H. Farrer c. 1870) Fort Adams". 
"Foreground water a little deeper shade of horizon color, with the blue of the upper sky in ripples." "Sky much stronger and warmer, warm grey ...

Bonnet (hat)
circa 1870

Tan bonnet with a quilted rim and matching tan ties. Worn by Dorothy Gifford of Providence, RI.

A pair of black leather baby boots worn by C.L.F. Robinson (b. July 6, 1874-d. July 9, 1916). Features include a scalloped closure with four black buttons and a twill lining fabric. Leather soles.

Skirt, Hoop
circa 1870

circa 1870

White cotton chemise. Yoke of hand embroidery.

D379 ABC
circa 1870

Pink ribbed silk evening dress, trimmed with blonde lace. High neck; sht. basque waist with tails over skirt; skirt.

Stereographs all images would have been viewed in a stereoscope. The images are: 4 of exterior of bowery St. House, 1877; 1 of exterior of house, summer of 1865; 4 of exterior of house, 1866, by Jo...

D399 AB
circa 1870

Grey silk Polonaise dress and cape, with small fern leaves in black and white trim and ribbons. The underskirt is missing.

circa 1870

Eyeglasses have turnpin temple bars, very small oval lenses and a fairly wide nose bridge in an "x" shape. Made by William Nichols and used by Charles Whitfield.

circa 1870

Black and white lithograph, Print-View of Newport From Bayside. Shows view of Newport from hill across fields and trees; forked road in foreground shows man with rake on right side; harbor with sai...

circa 1870

Black and white lithograph, View of the Outer-Harbour of Newport, shows sailing ships of various sizes and types, 3 people in rowboat in front near shore; small island to left with some buildings. ...

circa 1870

French bisque doll with shoulder head; swivel neck; closed mouth; stationary blue glass eyes; pierced ears; auburn mohair wig. All leather body Costume is blue silk taffeta with train, 2 piece walk...

circa 1870

Blue-green exterior vase with reserve panel on front containing a woman's portrait; large classical female figures serve as handles; vase set on base flanked with birds and lion heads.

Portrait painting of Robert M. Franklin. Bust is facing left, short gray hair, brown eyes; black jacket and tie, white shirt with collar turned up and showing one button.

Oil painting of windmill, arms are to right of structure, gray background sky, 2 trees in lower right corner, green grass.

Mechanical see-saw has rectangular wooden lower base. Mounted on that is an arch shaped metal support with a red pattern of trim, and a keyhole. A wooden see-saw lies horizontally above the arch. A...

A photographic portrait of Julia Ward Howe, seen wearing a lace-like collar and head covering, a bracelet, and a dark bodice with trim. She appears to be holding a letter or other written document.

A carte-de-visite depicting Moses Jenkins. Mr. Jenkins wears a frock coat, ascot, and trousers. He is seen holding a walking stick and tophat, and stands beside an elaborately carved chair.

A carte-de-visite depicting Henri Ridgeway and "his tutor or footman." Henri wears a shiny cap, jacket, bowtie, trousers, coat, and cape. His tutor or footman wears a top hat, sack coat, waistcoat...

A carte-de-visite depicting W. Phinney. Mr. Phinney wears a sack coat, striped trousers, one glove, and a bow tie. He is posed beside an upholstered chair and a piece of drapery with large tassels.

A carte-de-visite depicting Comte Robert de Pourtales. The Compte wears a frock coat, waistcoat, bow tie, trousers, and spats. He is seen holding a walking stick and leaning against a column.

A carte-de-visite depicting Monsieur de Bassiere. De Bassiere wears a frock coat, waistcoat, bow tie, trousers, and boots. He is pictured reading a book while seaterd.

A carte-de-visite depicting Mr. Rowland Hazard. Mr. Hazard is shown wearing a coat, waistcoat, and trousers; he is posed beside a wooden table.

A carte-de-visite depicting "M. de Bassiere." Monsieur Bassiere is pictured seated on a chair beside a table. He is shown looking at a small object, most likely a timepiece. Bassiere is wearing a...

A carte-de-visite depicting "Mr. Skidmore." Mr. Skidmore wears a coat with wide lapels, a waistcoat with a chain, a bow tie, and trousers. The photograph is linked to the Abraham Bogardus studio ...

A carte-de-visite depicting Dr. David King, who wears a white collar with tie and jacket with broad lapels.

A carte-de-visite depicting Georgiana G. King. Ms. King wears a choker-style necklace with brooch and a dress with a wide neckline. Her hair is gathered in a large braid.

A carte-de-visite depicting David King, Jr. Mr. King wears a necktie with a large knot and a coat; he also has a wide moustache.

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