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Blue and brown strip of plaid linen. 3 pieces - the yellow dye was probably saffron. Was used as part of a bed curtain. Ticketed "Spun and women previous to 1790."

1875 – 1925

Tan cross bar, check and border at 2 ends. Homespun linen. 23 square inches.

Hoop Skirt
circa 1865

Round, child's hoop skirt.

Six swatches of various shapes, sizes and colors: blue striped, green and black checked, brown striped, two pink, purple with stripes.

Printed woolen material: twill front, plain back. Blue background with brown dots and paisley striped.

1825 – 1845

Portion of patchwork, "Jobs Trouble" printed cotton. Design includes US Eagle and a general in uniform with a border of stars.

Brown silk Quaker dress, long sleeves, lined with printed cotton and homespun linen. Apron front. Initials 'S.A.' up by collar.

Pocket (bag)
circa 1800

Gray, rose and white plaid pocket. Back is plain white of homespun linen. To tie around the waist.

Dress (garment)
1800 – 1825

Brown crepe Quaker dress lined with brown silk, drawstrings on back. Dress is plain but the hem has a floral motif. Worn by Elizabeth Allen (1768-1834).

97.13.8 A-E
Tinder Box
18th century

Round tin box with two covers. (A) top cover has a place in the center to hold a candle. (B) is the inside cover, the handle is unsoldered and the inside may have had a lining of some kind. (C) is ...

Gold belt buckle with a raised design and circular border with a clasp on the backside.

LIght gray silk bonnet. Similar to D295.

White, silk Quaker bonnet.

Wooden case covered in black leather; handle on top; black painted brass nails hold the case together; leather strap fastened by brass nails serves as hinges; lock in front; green, brown, and pink ...

Quaker handkerchief made of fine muslin with woven border, five narrow stripes with raw edges.

Fine muslin kerchief, woven border, five narrow stripes along edges. Possibly Quaker.

Brown/green drab-colored shawl. Twill weave with white decorative stripe 1/2 in. wide around borders. Two edges selvage, other two unfinished with minor fraying. Upper PL taken to be corner with ta...

Golden brown silk shawl with narrow fringe. Possibly Quaker.

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