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September 17 1866

A daguerrotype of John H. Clarke in case. The case is worn with a tear in the cover, exposing the under cardboard. Subject is has a full beard with no mustache, and is wearing a black jacket and bo...

Print, Photographic
February 13 1866

Sepia photograph of Jane Stuart dressed as Mrs. Briggs at Mrs. Griswold's Charades, February 13th, 1866. From King and Pomeroy album. Back of photo reads "From Joshua Appleby Williams' Photo, and C...

Print, Photographic
February 13 1866

Sepia photograph of Jane Stuart dressed as a Gorilla at Mrs. Griswold's Charades, February 13th, 1866. From King and Pomeroy album. Back of photo reads "From Joshua Appleby Williams' Photo, and Car...

Print, Photographic
February 13 1866

Sepia photograph of Jane Stuart dressed as Cinderella's proud sister at Mrs. Griswold's Charades, February 13th, 1866. From King and Pomeroy album. Back of photo reads "From Joshua Appleby Williams...

Gold plated pocket watch with white face, roman numerals, and a second hand. A shield is depicted on the back cover, along with what may be three initials etched inside the shield. A crown above a ...

Account book with entries dating from 1866 through 1875, primarily documenting purchases of advertisements and printings, though some earlier entries concern purchases of feed and meal.


Ruffle iron: metal iron in two parts. Corrugated metal roller has metal handle and hook for lifting base on and off stove to be heated. Iron base has corrugated surface, and is embossed on bottom: ...

Large painting with huge "hanging rock" to the right with grazing sheep on pasture below rock; two figures near stream which runs along bottom of painting; ocean view in background with many sailbo...

A stereograph depicting a group of men and boys posed in front of a brick building covered in ivy. See notes for names of subjects.

A carte-de-visite depicting J.B. Brown in Newport, 1866. Mr. Brown wears a coat with wide lapels and spectacles. He has a long beard and a moustache.

A carte-de-visite depicting Emily M. Rotch, aged 6. Emily wears a long-sleeved white dress with a ruffled bodice. She is seated on a upholstered chair with tassels. The photograph is labeled " '...

A carte-de-visite depicting Anna S. Rotch, aged 5. Anna wears a long-sleeved white dress and a headband. She is seated on a upholstered chair with tassels, and holds a small doll. The photograph...

circa 1865 – 1875

Bottle green, silk bodice. High neck with long sleeves. Large and strong. Skirt is missing.

circa 1865 – 1900

A stereograph depicting one of the Cliff Cottages ("Cliff Villas)." The featured house has a clapboarded exterior with a porch and numerous woodworked details, including corbels, moldings, and latt...

D152 AB
1865 – 1875

Fine white cotton undersleeves with linen cuffs. 3 bullons, edge of cuff embroidered in small pattern.

1865 – 1870

Blue and brown striped taffeta. Low neck, short sleeves, round waist. Skirt is missing.

1865 – 1875

Basque style bodice, long sleeved, beige silk tafetta with a small print of lavender flowers, silk and cotton lined. The buttons in the front are covered in lavender tafetta as are the front and ba...

1864 – 1877

Oval-shaped locket of gold and onyx set with large, round diamond on front; loop at top set with seven small diamonds. Inside right is backed with mother-of-pearl; stands of reddish and white hair ...

1863 – 1867

Small, possibly leather bound ledger from the Langly family. Accounting mostly shows commerce involving sugar and molasses between Newport and local cities including New Bedford and Boston.

1863 – 1921

Head is made of bisque with light brown hair with braid across the top. Hair is human. Brown, stationary, glass eyes. Open mouth with two teeth. Ears are slightly pierced. The body is cloth with me...

A sepia tone photograph of the Cove (or the "Basin"), facing north towards Bridge Street .The photograph was taken prior to the Cove being completely filled in (by 1893, see atlas). To the far left...

A black and white photograph depicting "the Cove" or "the Basin" (facing north) towards Bridge Street. To the far left are a few industrial buildings, including one labeled "ALEX N. BARKER LUMBE...

circa 1862 – 1890

Black satin necktie in "The Harrington" style from Samuel Budd's atelier. The maker's mark reads " The Harrington, Samuel Budd, Hosier, Shirtmaker, Glover" and the address "Corner of Broadway &...

Two hanging flower bowls in rococo style with gilded scroll banding; decorated with three panels filled with polychrome floral decoration. Made by Stevenson and Hancock, derby. Blue maker's marks.

A collection of ribbons from Grand Army of the Republic, as well an many delegate and other political designations. Ribbons have been pasted into an album. Pages 1-29 comprise this gift.

circa 1860 – 1870

Complex woven design silk fitted back dress with ikat, heathered stripes, and solid stripes. Fabric appears to be yarn dyed in shades of blue, black, off-white, and grey. The skirt is quite full wi...

Comb (hair ornament)
circa 1860 – 1890

Small Tortoise shell comb with filigree carving.

lantern (lighting device)
circa 1860 – 1900

A parade lantern (also called a "torch") made of tin-plated sheet iron. Lantern is attached to a pivoting gimbal mounted to a socket for attachment to a pole; it retains a part of an original wick ...

FIC.2014.148 AB
1860 – 1890

Starched collar in leather case. Leather Case reads "The J.B. Barnaby C.S. Providence"

Watercolor painting of St. Columba's Church in Middletown, RI. The side door of the church is visible as well as the belltower with a lush green lawn in the foreground and several trees in the back...

1860 – 1870

Three section print depicting a long procession of American soldiers going through a Japanese town. Walking men and drummers lead line followed by men on horses and then men in carriages. Japanese ...

1860 – 1880

"Half handkerchief" or fachon bonnet of aquamarine blue base covered with scalloped black lace and faded blue streamers with an applied bow. The hat is constructed on a wire frame.


Black silk bodice with vertical stripes and floral design woven in and also has bunches of bright flowers embroidered on the material. The bodice comes into a point back and front. It has covered b...

Dress (garment)
1860 – 1875

Blue watered silk child's dress with plaited ribbon ruche. Sleeves lined with white china silk. Three white silk ribbons on front of dress.

1860 – 1890

German bisque doll with auburn, human hair; brown, sleep eyes; open mouth with 4 teeth. The body is jointed kid; bisque hands and forearms. Costume is original navy blue costume of revolutionary s...

Pitcher (vessel)
1860 – 1900

Maroon porcelain pitcher on white ground; "Atlantic" printed in center of front and back; double twisted handle with gilding; shaped gold rim and spout.

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