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Old Colony & Newport Railway Company obligation for $500, dated September 1, 1864 and due September 1, 1874. The top portion of the document details the conditions of the obligation and has loc...

circa 1864

This is a map of the state of New York which shows the Electoral College majorities of New York counties in Presidential Election of 1864. 

circa 1864

Small, leather bound Episcopal prayer book; covers have embossed cross. Front cover and spine are stamped "prayer" in gold. Coat of arms on back leaf: shield with greyhounds & fleurs-de-lis u...

Large silver-plated water pitcher. Engraved with flowers, grapes, leaves, and a shield with inscription: "Presented to Capt. JW Downing U.S. Steamer Cassach Feb. 4th 1864". "E.B. Maltby/Extra Plate...

A carte-de-visite depicting C.L. Harris. Mr. Harris wears a white collar and a coat with high lapels (possibly a sack coat).

A portrait drawing depicting an unidentified woman wearing spectacles and a brooch at her neck. Image appears to be rendered in black and white chalk. Signed at bottom right: "F. Augustus Peckham/1...

Colored fashion plate featuring a woman in profile in a green gown with brown sleeves. A second woman facing forward is wearing a red dress with a blue bow at her chin. Was previously framed with 9...

Colored fashion plate featuring a woman in a blue gown with dark trim with her back to the viewer. A second woman in three quarter view is wearing a colorless dress with fringe at the best and uppe...

An invitation card to the dedication of Armory Hall in Portsmouth, R.I. The ticket includes black printed text describing a "GRAND MILITARY BALL" on Wednesday, February 24, 1864. Text is surround...

Swatch of blue silk ribbon "from Mr. William Sherman's dry goods store"

1864 – 1877

Oval-shaped locket of gold and onyx set with large, round diamond on front; loop at top set with seven small diamonds. Inside right is backed with mother-of-pearl; stands of reddish and white hair ...

"Lovell General Hospital, USA, Portsmouth Grove, RI/View from Dyer's Island" shoreline on foreground, catboat "Hope" at anchor; other small craft and steamer "Perry" in mid-ground. Hospital complex...

A stereograph depicting a group of men standing on a set of outdoor stairs. Woodwork in a lattice formation is visible behind the group. Handwritten text on reverse reads: "New Port - September 186...

A carte-de-visite depicting S. Van Rensselaer.

A carte-de-visite depicting Mrs. Hunter, 1864.

A carte-de-visite depicting Mrs. Charles Hunter.

A carte-de-visite depicting Augusta Adolphine Victoria Hunter.

A carte-de-visite depicting Miss Grosvenor. Miss Grosvenor is shown wearing a dress with a wide skirt, bell sleeves, undersleeves, and a light-colored collar. A carved chair is seen at left. The...

A carte-de-visite depicting Mr. Phinney. Mr. Phinney is shown wearing a sack coat and bow tie.

A carte-de-visite depicting Carie Hunter in 1864. Hunter wears a dress with wide skirt, long sleeves, and a shoulder overlay. She stands beside a balustrade and pedestal, and is seen holding a book.

Sepia toned photograph of Ulysses S. Grant (1822-1885) at the Battle of Cold Harbor, Virginia 1864. Image taken when Grant was Lieutenant General during the Civil War. Grant is standing against a t...

A photograph of Beaulieu, a house located on Bellevue Avenue. People can be seen on and near the house's verandah. A note written by Frederick Barreda Sherman, grandson of the original owners of ...

A photograph of a stable and another outbuilding at Beaulieu, an estate located on Bellevue Avenue. Two women can be seen walking on a path at foreground. A note written by Frederick Barreda Sher...

Six men with man servant, smoking cigars on porch. Back reads: "Newport Gentlemen, 1864" with partial names.

1863 – 1867

Small, possibly leather bound ledger from the Langly family. Accounting mostly shows commerce involving sugar and molasses between Newport and local cities including New Bedford and Boston.

1863 – 1921

Head is made of bisque with light brown hair with braid across the top. Hair is human. Brown, stationary, glass eyes. Open mouth with two teeth. Ears are slightly pierced. The body is cloth with me...

A sepia tone photograph of the Cove (or the "Basin"), facing north towards Bridge Street .The photograph was taken prior to the Cove being completely filled in (by 1893, see atlas). To the far left...

A black and white photograph depicting "the Cove" or "the Basin" (facing north) towards Bridge Street. To the far left are a few industrial buildings, including one labeled "ALEX N. BARKER LUMBE...

circa 1862 – 1890

Black satin necktie in "The Harrington" style from Samuel Budd's atelier. The maker's mark reads " The Harrington, Samuel Budd, Hosier, Shirtmaker, Glover" and the address "Corner of Broadway &...

Two hanging flower bowls in rococo style with gilded scroll banding; decorated with three panels filled with polychrome floral decoration. Made by Stevenson and Hancock, derby. Blue maker's marks.

A collection of ribbons from Grand Army of the Republic, as well an many delegate and other political designations. Ribbons have been pasted into an album. Pages 1-29 comprise this gift.

1861 – 1865

Ink wash of "US General Hospital, Portsmouth, RI" J. Baker, J.M. Tabor Jr.

Card, Souvenir
1861 – 1865

Set of ten (10) lithographed cards in a decorated cardboard envelope with thumb tabs. All cards are the same except one double card. Includes scenes of: Easton's Beach, Old Stone Mill, Redwood Libr...

Black and white photo of Civil War soldiers outside the Atlantic House Hotel on Bellevue and Pelham Street. Image shows the Atlantic House Hotel in the background (which served as the Naval Academ...

circa 1860 – 1870

Complex woven design silk fitted back dress with ikat, heathered stripes, and solid stripes. Fabric appears to be yarn dyed in shades of blue, black, off-white, and grey. The skirt is quite full wi...

Comb (hair ornament)
circa 1860 – 1890

Small Tortoise shell comb with filigree carving.

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