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before 1862

This small box looks like a book on the outside. It has brown/red velvet with gold detailing. The inside of the box is lined with Prussian blue paper and has a mirror on the left side in a gold fra...

September 13 1862

An invitation to James Birckhead to a public meeting in Newport, 1862.  The invitation, from Mayor William H. Cranston, states: "I invite you to attend a public meeting...for the purpose of adoptin...

July 16 1862

A framed naval commission signed by President Abraham Lincoln, promoting William Rogers Taylor to the rank of Captain in the United States Navy. Document is dated July 16, 1862, and is also signed ...

Paper Money
May 1 1862

Ten dollar bank note from the Rhode Island Union Bank. Signed by J.S. Coggeshall and William C. Cozzens. Date on note could be either May 1 or May 7. There is also some illegible writing across the...

circa 1862

This map shows locations of the Civil War. Compiled by Asher & Co. and engraved by Jewett, E.R. & Co. of Buffalo. Folded inside a yellow and blue cover. 

circa 1862 – 1890

Black satin necktie in "The Harrington" style from Samuel Budd's atelier. The maker's mark reads " The Harrington, Samuel Budd, Hosier, Shirtmaker, Glover" and the address "Corner of Broadway &...

A portrait drawing depicting an unidentified man wearing a coat, shirt, and necktie. Image appears to be rendered in black and white chalk. Signed at bottom right: "F. A. Peckham/1862 [possibly 188...

Bank note, Merchants Bank $1, remainder note.

circa 1862

Soft-paste porcelain tea cup and saucer with white body with gold monogram of letter "n" with a crown above it on outside of cup and center of saucer; thin gold band around handle edges and also ar...

Half Model of Yacht "America." Cherry model nailed to matching backboard. Tag reads: 101 ft., 9" long on deck 90 ft., 3 inches at the waterline 23 ft. Beam :::::: 11 ft. Draft

circa 1862

Pedestal-base table with round top; top is marquetry, with wood in geometric pattern of squares giving a trompe-l'oeil effect. Maker is attributed to "Cooper, Aboard the Ship Merlin", 1862.

Black and white photograph of U.S. Naval Academy men in front of the Atlantic House in the 1860s. The men are seated or laying on the grass, except for one man standing by a cannon. See also P1697.

A carte-de-visite depicting Mr. George Newbold, c. 1862. Photograph by Matthew Brady's studio.

A carte-de-visite depicting an unidentified girl (Lilly Powel? See reverse). She wears a dark top with a small white collar. Her hair is braided behind her ears.

A carte-de-visite depicting Robert Gould Shaw. Handwritten text on front reads: "Robt Gould Shaw.-Col.54th Mass. Reg". Handwritten text on reverse reads: "Robert Gould Shaw./Colonel of the 54th C...

Charcoal drawing of an unknown woman. Portrait is bust-length and life size, by Felix Augustus Peckham. Signed and dated (1862) by the artist in the lower left corner.

Two hanging flower bowls in rococo style with gilded scroll banding; decorated with three panels filled with polychrome floral decoration. Made by Stevenson and Hancock, derby. Blue maker's marks.

A carte-de-visite depicting Miss Piffard, 1862.

A carte-de-visite depicting Carrie Hunter, 1862.

A carte-de-visite depicting woman with the surname "Grosvenor."

A carte-de-visite depicting S. Van Rensselaer, 1862.

A carte-de-visite depicting Tamy Hunter, 1862.

A carte-de-visite depicting Dr. Bourdman, Philadelphia, 1862.

A carte-de-visite depicting William J. Partridge.

A carte-de-visite depicting Lizzie Balch, 1862.

A carte-de-visite depicting Anne Breeze.

A carte-de-visite depicting Pauline Forbes, 1862.

A carte-de-visite depicting Augusta McEvers Morris. Morris wears a snood, small earrings, and a bodice with a bow at its collar.

A carte-de-visite depicting Clement B. Barclay, a man with Civil War political ties (Union). Barclay is seen wearing a sack coat with a starched collar and waistcoat.

A carte-de-visite depicting Augusta Nelson, 1862.

A carte-de-visite depicting Edward Mallett in Florence, 1862. Edward wears a long coat, trousers, a waistcoat, and a bow tie. He is posed beside a balustrade and a piece of drapery.

A carte-de-visite depicting James McKim as a boy, 1862. James wears a collarless jacket with a white collar and bow tie.

A carte-de-visite depicting "Mr. Temple." Mr. Temple is pictured seated on an upholstered chair. He is wearing trousers and a coat which is buttoned at its collar.

A carte-de-visite depicting Lottie Buchanan in 1862. Buchanan wears a dark dress with a wide skirt with ruffles at its hem. The dress has a fitted bodice with buttons at center front and fitted s...

A carte-de-visite depicting Alexander H. Stephens, Vice President of the Confederate States of America during the Civil War. Stephens wears a coat with wide lapels, a waistcoat, trousers, and a ne...

A collection of ribbons from Grand Army of the Republic, as well an many delegate and other political designations. Ribbons have been pasted into an album. Pages 1-29 comprise this gift.

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