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Thin wooden architectural fragment with paper label attached. Label is faded and somewhat waterstained, wood is ragged on ends and smooth on long sides. Overall, very small item.

Certificate, Marriage
December 31 1861

Marriage certificate in the form of a book. Opening pages hold the certificate, the rest of the book is 96 pages of marriage advice. Hard cover covered in embossed silk with gold floral design stam...

Silver serving ladle. The bowl of the ladle is scalloped and resembles a shell.The handle has a large curve to it. TRW from DC October 1861 is engraved on the back of the handle. Maker's mark Gorha...

January 8 1861

Note accompanying a sketch of the Constitution, Saratoga and Portsmouth from the artist.

circa 1861

This is a non-New England map. It shows the Mississippi River from St. Louis to the Gulf of Mexico. 

Dark blue-black ocean and sky; two sail boats near shoreline, the center shows figure at back end of boat which has one sail; other boat is to the right and bigger; to the left, there is a white ho...

A carte-de-visite depicting Theodore Wheaton King in a Civil War uniform. According to the reverse, King was "mortally wounded" in the Battle of Bull Run at Manassas. He wears a tall hat with fol...

A sepia tone photograph of General [William?] Palmer. General Palmer wears a uniform consisting of a double-breasted coat with metal buttons and a shoulder mark. The photograph is labeled "283."

A collection of ribbons from Grand Army of the Republic, as well an many delegate and other political designations. Ribbons have been pasted into an album. Pages 1-29 comprise this gift.

Menu for Atlantic House Hotel from 1861. has been at Museum of Newport History since 1985. Provenance information is incomplete.

Green book, blank pages filled with a variety of wax seals all labeled Katie Hunter 7/8/1861 N.P.R.I..

1861 – 1865

Ink wash of "US General Hospital, Portsmouth, RI" J. Baker, J.M. Tabor Jr.

Dress (garment)
1861 – 1862

Sleeveless white dress with small yellow flower print and colorful paisley print. Deep blue trim at waist and bottom of dress. Blue velvet trim on bodice with blue and white fringe. Also a piece of...

Card, Souvenir
1861 – 1865

Set of ten (10) lithographed cards in a decorated cardboard envelope with thumb tabs. All cards are the same except one double card. Includes scenes of: Easton's Beach, Old Stone Mill, Redwood Libr...

A carte-de-visite depicting Emma Mahaney, 1861.

A carte-de-visite depicting a woman with the surname "Lilhall," 1861.

A carte-de-visite depicting Miss Powel, 1861.

A carte-de-visite depicting Mrs. Charles Hunter.

A carte-de-visite depicting Tamy Taylor, 1861.

A carte-de-visite depicting Eddy Mallett.

A carte-de-visite depicting Miss Lewis, 1861. Miss Lewis wears a large coat over a dress with a wide skirt. The coat, which is of a darker color, has detailed pleated edging and a fabric detail a...

A carte-de-visite depicting Nelly Lewis, 1861. Nelly wears a hat with a feather, a lace-like collar, a button-front bodice, and a chain.

A carte-de-visite depicting Kate and W.H. Rinerhend (?), 1861. Kate wears a dress with bell sleeves (sewn low on the shoulder), undersleeves, a wide skirt, buttons at center front, fringe on the b...

A carte-de-visite depicting William Hunter in 1861. Hunter wears a long coat, a waistcoat with chain, a bow tie, and trousers. He carries a cane and a hat.

Black and white photo of Civil War soldiers outside the Atlantic House Hotel on Bellevue and Pelham Street. Image shows the Atlantic House Hotel in the background (which served as the Naval Academ...

circa 1860 – 1870

Complex woven design silk fitted back dress with ikat, heathered stripes, and solid stripes. Fabric appears to be yarn dyed in shades of blue, black, off-white, and grey. The skirt is quite full wi...

Comb (hair ornament)
circa 1860 – 1890

Small Tortoise shell comb with filigree carving.

lantern (lighting device)
circa 1860 – 1900

A parade lantern (also called a "torch") made of tin-plated sheet iron. Lantern is attached to a pivoting gimbal mounted to a socket for attachment to a pole; it retains a part of an original wick ...

FIC.2014.148 AB
1860 – 1890

Starched collar in leather case. Leather Case reads "The J.B. Barnaby C.S. Providence"

Watercolor painting of St. Columba's Church in Middletown, RI. The side door of the church is visible as well as the belltower with a lush green lawn in the foreground and several trees in the back...

1860 – 1870

Three section print depicting a long procession of American soldiers going through a Japanese town. Walking men and drummers lead line followed by men on horses and then men in carriages. Japanese ...

1860 – 1861

Bound book of daily menus from the Atlantic House Hotel in Newport, RI spanning from July 23, 1860 through 1861.

Bonnet (hat)
1860 – 1865

Brown and white bonnet with green trimming made of pin-checked taffeta. Exterior features rossettes with pinked edges. Interior features a flower made of sheer fabric. Marked: "Worn by my sister, E...

Doll's light brown leatherette purse within a purse. L fits inside M. With doll 94.13.2A.Doll was given to Fanny when she and her mother were sent to Paris to escape the Civil War. 94.13.3 is a dol...

Light brown leatherette doll's belt. Doll was given to Fanny when she and her mother were sent to Paris to escape the Civil War. 94.13.3 is a doll trunk that came with 94.13.2. 94.13.4 is extra dol...

Doll's cotton stockings; knee length, machine-knit, open stitch on top of foot; red stripe at top. Doll was given to Fanny when she and her mother were sent to Paris to escape the Civil War. 94.13....

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