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circa 1930

Color printed images depicting the Chapel at St. George's School and the Dr. Barton Jacobs Residence (Whiteholme). The images are part of a souvenir folio intended for mailing.

circa 1930

A folio of color postcard-size images entiltled "Souvenir Folder of Newport Rhode Island." The front cover of the folio, depicted here, shows the Mount Hope bridge. The reverse depicts the "Swiss ...

circa 1915

A color postcard depicting Whiteholme, located on Narragansett Avenue. Caption reads: "DR. BARTON JACOBS RESIDENCE, NEWPORT, R.I."

circa 1914

A color postcard depicting the entrance to Whiteholme, a house located at the corner of Narragansett and Ochre Point Avenues. Caption reads: "Main Entrance, Dr. Jacob's [sic] Residence,/from Narra...

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