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circa 1930

A folio of color postcard-size images entiltled "Souvenir Folder of Newport Rhode Island." The front cover of the folio, depicted here, shows the Mount Hope bridge. The reverse depicts the "Swiss ...

A printed (halftone) card depiciting an aerial view of the Cliff Walk at Land's End, circa 1930s. Text on reverse reads: "This view of Newport from the South shows Bailey's Beach in the left and ma...

A photograph of the front facade of Rough Point, residence of the Dukes. Features include a landscaped drive and several gables made of stone.

circa 1915

A color postcard depicting the ocean-facing facade of Rough Point, located on Bellevue Avenue. Caption reads: ROUGH POINT, RESIDENCE OF WM. B. LEEDS, NEWPORT, R.I."

A postcard-sized printed image depicting Seaverge and Rough Point, two mansions located on the Cliff Walk. Caption reads "BEAUTIFUL RESIDENCES." Image appears to have been removed from a larger fo...

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