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A photograph of moored sailboats, an unidentified naval vessel, and a large sailboat with sails unfurled. Possibly related to P9273; buildings are visible in the background.

A photograph depicting a large audience seated on a platform. Railing of platform is decorated with bands printed with stars and stripes, as well as a sign reading "United We Stand". Men in milit...

A program for an award ceremony held by the U.S. Maritime Commission. The ceremony recognized "The Management and Employees of Walter Butler Shipbuilders, Inc." for their construction of the (secon...

A photograph depicting a speaker at a podium addressing a large audience. Utility poles and a large building are visible in the background. Photo was most likely taken at an award ceremony held b...

A photograph depicting a speaker at a podium addressing an audience. Men in military uniforms can be seen in the first row; an American flag is visible in the background. Photo was most likely ta...

business card
1942 – 1946

A business card for "Joseph N. Stanley/Councilman". Text below name reads: "Chief Gunners Mate, Ret./United States Navy" and "101 Kay Street/Newport, R.I.". Mr. Stanley was a councilman for the Thi...

A matted photograph of a group of U.S. Navy personnel, most likely aboard the U.S.S. Tennessee (see hat bands). Reverse of photograph reads: "Seaman Gunner's Class/Joseph N. Stanley C.P.O.".

Photograph depicting an unidentified naval vessel passing Goat Island. Several identical houses are visible in the background. Handwritten text on reverse reads: "Goat Island/U.S. Torpedo Station".

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