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A City of Newport tax receipt written to Thomas Goddard, 1850. Receipt totals $3.30, and is signed by Oliver Read. Receipt was found in a drawer inside desk attributed to the Goddard family (01.269...

Receipt to Audley Clarke for assessment on pew. Reads:
"To the United Congregational Society, Dr.
To assessment on PEW No. 38 in Spring-street Church, for
one Quarter, commencing ...

March 27 1839

Receipt for Newport town tax received from William Clarke, totalling five dollars, 60 cents. Dated March 27, 1839.

August 26 1817

Receipt for payment of two dollars from Town of Richmond to William James for salt pork delivered to Gene Moat by order of Joshua Potter.

August 26 1817

Receipt for payment of 10 dollars from Town of Richmond to William James for attending the General Assembly in Newport for May and June sessions in 1817.

December 14 1749

Receipt for payment of £97 for work of "Negro Dublin" and "Negro Natt." Payment received by D. Updike from Mr. William Vernon.

Receipt, date September 8, 1842, from the Town Council of the Town of Newport to Charles Greene for purchase of Lot No. 154 in the "New Burying Ground."

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