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A sepia tone photograph of Frank Clarke. Mr. Clarke has a long moustache, and wears a thin bowtie over a white collar.

1855 – 1880

Carte-de-visite of John H. Clarke wearing a dark jacket and a large black bow tie. Subject has a full beard with no mustache. "John H. Clarke grandfather of Bertha Clarke Carter" is handwritten in ...

1855 – 1880

A carte-de-visite of John Clarke. Subject has a full beard and mustache, and is wearing a light-colored coat, a darker waistcoat, and a white shirt and necktie.

1855 – 1870

A sepia tone carte-de-visite depicting Arthur M. Clarke. Mr. Clarke is wearing a white shirt with a black bow tie and a jacket. Subject is identified in pencil on reverse.

June 27 1776

The Newport Mercury Extraordinary printed Thursday, June 27, 1776. Probably printed by Solomon Southwick. Four pages long in folio. It was probably owned by John Clarke, Jr., (1734-1798) a Revoluti...

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