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(a) 19th century brass spring lancet used for bloodletting. (b) Wooden case with latch for lancet.

Portrait of Robert B. Cranston, half-length protrait; he wears a black coat with gold buttons, a frilly white shirt, and a black cravat. He has reddish brown hair with large sideburns, and brown ey...

September 10 1859

Print engraving of Old Stone Mill from the front page of a German weekly, Frank Leslies Illustrated Weekly.

Aqua blue ribbon w/ Newport scene, Settled 1639 seal; ribbon reads: 'Welcome Home 23d August, 1859'; fringe on sides.

August 23 1859

Aqua blue ribbon w/ Newport scene, Settled 1639 seal; ribbon reads: 'Welcome Home 23d August, 1859'; fringe on sides.

August 23 1859

Two orange tickets with black text 're-union, morning and evening, Newport, Rhode Island, august 23, 1859'. Written on back of ticket 2000.7.20.1 is 'enter large tent, W. Newton'.

August 23 1859

White silk ribbon with black text and image of the seal of the city of Newport. Text reads 'Re-Union 23d August 1859'.

August 23 1859

Aqua blue ribbon w/ Newport scene, Settled 1639 seal; ribbon reads: 'Welcome Home 23d August, 1859'; fringe on sides.

Aqua blue ribbon, Newport settlement sea. "Welcome Home 23d August 1859"; Fringe along sides.

Aqua blue silk ribbon w/ Newport scene and a settled 1639 seal; ribbon reads; 'Welcome Home 23d August 1859'; fringe on sides.

August 23 1859

Aqua blue silk ribbon w/ Newport settlement seal; 'Welcome Home 23d August 1859'; fringe along sides.

April 16 1859

Painted black wooden frame; glass over print, which reads: "at a meeting of boat builders held April 16th, 1859, the following scale of prices was established." The notice goes on to discuss prices...

circa 1859

Round brass barometer with glass face. Ring at top.

"We have met the enemy and they are ours" "Photograph by Stimpson" "Entered acording to Act of Congress in the year 1859 by T. Jones & Sons in the Clerks Office of the District Court of the Nor...

Eight ribbons from the Daughters of the American Revolution, YMCA, and Welcome Home Newport. Ribbons were pasted into an album at some point with 61.5. Two items appear to be missing from gift.

Wood piece with writing on it: piece of the original timber of the "Lawrence", Com. O.H. Perry's flag ship on Lake Erie 10th of September, 1813. Taken from the Wreck 1859. "Newport, RI/Thos. Brow...

A daguerreotype depicting Hugh Dudley Auchincloss (1858-1913) with his sister, Sarah Ann Auchincloss. Image by J. Gurney of Broadway (Newport or New York). Was probably on display at Hammersmith ...

1859 – 1949

Color portrait of Mary M.S. Robinson 1859-1949 on a gold plate, gold trim around photo, curved dark wooden frame. Tag reads "Brown and Saltmarsh Inc, Stationers, Concord, NH"

circa 1858 – 1859

Repulican Party ticket printed for the election of Thomas Davis to the U.S. House of Representatives.

Sandalwood calling card case in raised relief. One side of case depicts a lion surrounded by large flowers and leaves. The other side depicts a peacock in the same setting. The top of the case woul...

A penmanship book completed by Lizzie C. Weaver, 1858. The book is the fifth volume in Potter and Hammond's twelve-step "system." Volume 5 emphasizes writing words with capital letters and sentence...


Sword and Commissions presented by Congress of the United States by Resolutions of Jan. 6 1814, to William V. Taylor second in command at the Battle of Lake Erie and who died a Captain of the U. S....

A mid- to late-19th century military canteen. Made of metal with a small spout at top. A plain weave brown strap runs around circumference of canteen through metal tabs; strap is knotted near base,...

1858 – 1859

"Tyer" type pinafore. Pink printed cotton, calico, apron with long sleeves, belted back. Meant for a child. Made by Mrs. George Spencer in about 1858.

A carte-de-visite depicting Albert Pourtales, 1858.

Folio of mostly religious sheet music done in ink and pencil, mostly religious songs. One piece is signed by TH Tew 1857, (Thomas Horsewell Tew 1819-1874). Contains music and lyrics for the followi...

circa 1857

Piano keyboard style typewriter. Also known as "literary piano". It was the first typewriter to have a type guide. Invented by Newport resident Samuel Ward Francis.

D410 A-D
circa 1857

Apple green ribbed silk skirt and bodice with white satin flowers, lace collar. Eight white satin buttons remain out of ten buttons on front of bodice. Back of skirt is longer than the front. Flowe...

circa 1857

Handbill for the Washington Square Family School in Newport, Rhode Island at No. 11 Washington Square. Handbill notes "FOR TEN BOYS ONLY," and is signed Benjamin H. Rhoades, Principal. It lists ref...

circa 1857

Motschmann-type baby doll. The head is wax over composition with painted curls, blue glass sleep eyes. Body is made of cloth, with composition hands and legs. The clothes are an original long baby...

1857 – 1861

Small, possibly leather bound ledger from the Langly family. Accounting mostly shows commerce involving sugar, molasses, potatoes, oil and possibly barrel making supplies.

A copy of "Newport and Its Scenery," a book of lithographs by John Collins published in Burlington, New Jersey (1857). Includes introductory text describing images. Inscription on first page reads:...

Black and white sheet music cover of 'Sounds From The Old Stone Mill' by Bishop. Image is of the Old Stone Mill. In pencil in left upper corner '500/1621O'. Stamped in upper right corner '163'. Low...

Fine cotton full fashion stockings. Foot, toe and heel to top of stockings are of plain knit. Instep to calf is of a lace and mesh design with no hem. Paper in stockings reads, " wedding stockings ...

Cage Crinoline
1856 – 1865

Cage crinoline of concentric steel hoops suspended from 9 tapes. 20 complete circles hoops and 2 "U" shaped hoops at top of crinoline near waist. Tag "Gift of Miss Anne B. Vernon April 23, 1940" an...

Pin made up of two large triangular pieces joined together by a metal chain. Both triangular shaped pieces are inlaid with blue, green, yellow and peach color enamel. At the bottom of each triangle...

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