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before 1833

Full length silhouette of woman (Sarah) facing right. Dressed in 19th century style with long dress, hair up in bun, holding a fan. Black on light paper, no frame. Written on back in pencil: "Befor...

March 27 1839

Receipt for Newport town tax received from William Clarke, totalling five dollars, 60 cents. Dated March 27, 1839.

Profile of woman seated in a chair, wearing white cap with black ribbon tied around head, black dress with black flounce at neck. Gold and black frame. Handwritten on back of frame, "Miss Marion Jo...

circa 1839 – 1865

A daguerreotype (1/6 size) depicting an above-ground view of Newport, possibly taken from the Atlantic House Hotel. Plate is galvanized (silver electroplated) and does not have its original cover. ...

An engraving depicting William Ellery Channing, seen wearing a white cravat and dark coat. Channing's signature is printed along the bottom edge. Original image was painted by Spiridione Gambardell...


Military shako style hat. Leather with brass badge over visor. Same as D270, but brass is more tarnished. No. 322 removed. Made by Edward Barr of Providence.

Corsette: white linen with brown trapunto-style quilting and nine pairs of ivory (?) grommets for lacing. Laces missing. Handmade by Rebecca Coggeshall Barlow in 1839 as part of her wedding costume.

Small baby pillow with tassles at each of the four corners. Beads are applied to read, "Welcome Little Stranger 1838." On reverse beads spell the monogram "FMS."

Long white infant's dress, christening robe of Thomas P. Newton. Low neck, short straight sleeved, trimmed with insertion and edging of embroiered net.

Long white infant's dress. Low neck, short straight sleeves, hand embroidered with 7 groups of tucks at bottom.


White cape embroidered with gold stars, lined and bordered with yellow satin, fastened with a gilt cord ending in tassels. 'Worn by great grandmother of Mrs. David King at the Coronation of Queen V...

Star-shaped pincushion with four points and tassels on the corners. Pins spell "Welcome Little Stranger 1838", on reverse the initials "FMS" can be seen. Reference: Swan "Plain And Fancy"

Calendar with male and female figures, animals, boats, plants, and various dates. Calendar can be understood by reading the numbers under the first letter of the month for every month September thr...

Four cross stitched alphabet sequences, one number sequence, cross stitch border, large, square done in pale pastel colors. Sampler is made with silk thread on linen. Made by Cynthia Maria Coggesha...

Bank note reads:
"Newport, May 15, 1837
This will be received in payment for
Forty Cents,
or redeemed in the Bank Bills of
this town, at the store of"

Bank note reads:
"Newport, May 15, 1837
This will be received in payment for
Twenty-five Cents,
or redeemed in the Bank Bills of
this town, at the store of"

Store Card
May 15 1837

Note good at an unknown store, possibly W.C. Cozzens & Co., 10 cents

White mitts with ribbon on top. Torn.

Portrait of Alexander MacGregor Family. Central figure is Mr. MacGregor; Mrs. MacGregor wears white bonnet with light blue bow; four children; daughter stands by Mr. MacGregor with green dress and ...

An 1837 Whig Party election ticket, Rhode Island. Lists candidates for representatives to the 25th U.S. Congress. Text is surrounded by a floral border.

Handwritten text on reverse appe...

Leather covered book, "Wisdom in Miniature". Inside book is inscribed, "R Williams to Catherine Williams 1837". Inside cover and pages feature pen scribbles and possible letter practicing.

1837 – 1886

A shotgun stock fragment, including forestock and wrist (missing butt). Retains rammed pipe, key and barrel lug, and two lock plates. Checkered wrist and forestock. Channels in wood for double barr...

1837 – 1876

Watercolor on paper of Newport Beach by Felix Augustus Peckham, b. 1837, d. 1876.

1837 – 1848

Round Quaker footstool used by children during Quaker meetings. Wooden base, carpet covering, sawdust filling. Carpet covering is light and dark brown, red, pink and white. Fabric on top of stool a...

A painting of the Delaware fighting through the waves. Grey dominates the canvas. The ocean is stormy and the ship appears to be nearly falling over. The ship is black, white, and red, with a dark ...

"The situation of the Delaware 15 minutes after she was first struck by the white squall loosing all our sails" written at bottom in yellow. Signed "J.G. Evans" in right corner. Features a ship, th...

circa 1836

Viola with maker's label inside: Manufactured By/ Peter M. Slocum/ For I. Munro/ Newport R. I./ 1836"

1836 – 1846

Cape for a dress. Small red and green figure on tan printed cotton.

1836 – 1846

Wadded bonnet in violet silk, lined in pink, with pink plaid ribbon.

1836 – 1846

Waist of dress, skirt missing. Plaid wool, green, yellow and red. Long sleeves, shirred tucks over bosom and down front. Ticketed: Worn by Mrs. Alex McGregor whole husband came from Scotland to hel...

Bust (sculpture)
1836 – 1840

Male bust of Samuel Ward; short straight hair, no pupils on eyes, long, narrow nose, wrap around chest.

Long format, framed, three alphabet sequences, one number sequence, one border on top. House with flowers and birds in center. Signature, flowers and animal figure, one verse. Verse reads, "To Him ...

Three alphabet sequences, one number sequence, large floral border, two scenic panels, house with yard, three baskets of flowers, one verse. Stitches used: cross and embroidery. Made with silk thre...

Letter to R.M. Johnson from Nicholas Boss responding to Johnson inquiry about a gallows which stood on Easton's Beach.

Horizontal format, central eight line verse, floral border (light blue). Completed by Mary E. Forbes at age 11. Silk thread on linen.

White embroidered linen infant's cap.

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