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Spoon, Eating
1713 – 1812

Silver spoon made in the early 19th century; has a coffin shaped handle common during the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century. Bowl has a curve characteristic of early 19t...

1710 – 1730

Spoon with engraved initials: "WGK", script of letter "G" differs slightly in style; rat tail on back of bowl; trifid end on handle, which curves upward. marked with "IA" ina circle.

1700 – 1730

Spoon with engraved initials "TW"; rat tail on back of spoon; swaged floral decoration; trifid end on handle which turns up. Marked with "IC" enclosed in a circle.

1695 – 1725

Spoon with engraved initials: "GCF"; swage decoration on back of bowl; trifid-end handle which curves down. Marked with "S+V" enclosed in a heart.

1685 – 1740

Spoon with "spurred trifid-end" handle; "fig-shaped" bowl. Engraved inscription added, prob. in late nineteenth century: "B.C. 1674." in shaded block letters, on back of handle.

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