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Window, Leaded
1870 – 1890

Three pale pink water lilies amid pads of various shades of green and dark pink, enclosed with a narrow border of white and a wider border of dark blue. John La Farge, artist. Made in Newport, RI.

circa 1850

Oval shaped paisley shawl of vivid hues of reds, oranges, blues, purple, greens, etc., decorative trim made of squares of different colors each with an embroidered flower in the center, all squares...

A photograph of interior architectural features at the United Congregational Church, Spring Street. Two illuminated circular medallions are visible at center and left; a portion of an arcade and tw...

A photograph of the nave ceiling at United Congregational Church, Spring Street. Ceiling is divided into rectangular sections that are covered in elaborate geometric painting. Curved beams separate...

Photograph of the north gallery's ceiling at the United Congregational Church, Spring Street. Alternating rectangular panels with elaborate geometric painting are framed by a wall at left and an ar...

A photograph depicting the altar and chancel of the United Congregational Church (Spring Street), taken from the church's north gallery. Columns, arches, tiered pews, and a stained glass window are...

A photograph of the chancel and altar at the United Congregational Church, Spring Street. The Lord's Prayer is visible behind a cross at center; the prayer is surrounded by elaborate geometric pain...

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