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Black and white photograph of Elaine Lorillard, Russian Ambassador Andrei Gromyko and an unknown man.

Black and white photograph of the horns section of the Farmingdale High School Dance Band, possibly from Farmingdale, Long Island.

Oversized photograph of Elaine Lorillard admist conversation. She is pointing to something out of the photo's frame.

Black and white photograph of Louis Lorillard and Pierrepont Johnson leaning against a handrail.

Black and white photograph of Bill Russo smoking while looking over sheet music. Reverse of photo has written in pencil, "Bill Russo jazz musician and composer and friend of Elaine Lorillard."

Panorama group portrait of Rotary and and Loins Club outing and clambake, Easton's Point, Newport, RI. September 21, 1927. Group is arranged in 4 rows.

Image of Edgehill in Newport, RI. The view shows the house, some of the surrounding yard and the driveway up to the entrance.

Black and white photograph of training station. There are lots of men in uniform and in formation. Ship docked in water behind the men. American flag on pole at extreme left of photo. Image shows U...

Black and white oval photograph of Hibernian Hall. In the center, behind a tree, is a tower. There are steps in front of the tower upon which are two people. On reverse is the note: Hibernian Hall ...

Framed photograph of Giuzio Brangazio (Peanut Joe) feeding pigeons on Washington Square in Newport, RI. He sits in front of the Colony House at his peanut cart, which reads, "Good Peanuts Best in t...

Group portrait of 27 men posed on a stage. The group is arranged in 2 rows and are in formal dress. 

Group portrait of 26 men. Men are arranged in 2 rows and dressed in white tie. Men are seated in front of foliage and potted palm trees.

Group portrait of a cast of a theater production. Name of the production is unknown. The portrait consists of two rows of women dressed in Japanese costume. Women are wearing silk robes, holding fa...

Group portrait of the cast of a performance of "Queen's Daughters." The portrait consists of 4 rows of people dressed in costume.

Photograph of 14 Whitfield Place in Newport. Photo features the home's stone wall and metal gate.

Photograph of 14 Whitfield Place in Newport featuring a side porch and mansard roof. Back of photograph is stamped, "Davies Photo Service/630 Okeechobee Road/West Palm Beach, Florida."

Photograph of 14 Whitfield Place in Newport featuring a fence along the road and a large front porch and two chimneys. A tree with no leaves is featured at the side of the house. "Davies Photo Serv...

Photograph of 14 Whitfield Place in Newport featuring a stone wall with gate. Home has two chimneys and a side porch. A tree with no leaves is at the left edge of the frame.

Black and white photograph of seated audience members at a performance in the rain. One woman is holding an umbrella, and another woman seeks shelter under her coat.

Black and white photograph of a young man sitting on a bunk bed stabbing a coconut with a small jack-knife.

Photograph of a lounge at the Hotel Viking.

The Drive, Newport, RI.

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