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Piece of black lace.

before 1949

A linen-type postcard of Chetwode, the "Residence of John Jacob Astor." Reverse is postmarked April 28, 1949.

before 1941

Buttonhook, metal, shaped like an axe; stamped on ax-head is word "Seabury", and on the blade the words "Boots and Shoes". An oval opening at the end of he handle is the buttonhook itself.

A matted photograph depicting the First Congregational Church as seen from the corner of Mill and Division Streets. Photograph was taken when the church building functioned as Burlingham's Auction ...

A group photograph taken at the twenty-fifth reunion of Rogers High School's Class of 1928. Identified people include the following: Gwen Dawley (back row-2), Carroll Coggeshall

Purple ribbon attached to a pin depicting two American flags. In gold lettering on the ribbon is the words 'Participant, Track-field Meet, Freeboby Stadium, Newport, RI. July 4, 1949'.

July 1949 issue of Holiday magazine from Wisconsin. Cover image is of several vacation goers having fun by a lake house by Richard E. Howard. Article on page 98 discusses Newport, Rhode Island as a...

June 1949

A framed watercolor painting of The Reef by Mary Kosowski. Signature on painting reads: "RI/June1949/NEWPORT/OCEAN DRIVE/M.KOSOWSKI."

Aerial photograph of Easton's Beach, circa 1940 

A photograph of the exterior of Belcourt (1891-1894). Architectural features include a half-timbered exterior, french doors with arched windows, a mansard roof, dormers, an archway, and a gallery w...

A profile of Governor Collin's house located on School Street. A sign hangs over the porch stating "Aquidneck Island Apartments". 

January 13 1948

An envelope from Kays Newport, Suite 2010 Inductrial Trust Bldg, Providence 1, RI addressed to Mrs. E. Lorillard, Ogeegankee, Newport, RI. It is postmarked, January 13, 1948, 6PM.

circa 1948

Copy of map of excavations from William S. Godfrey's work at the Newport Tower. - details in 2010.23.1

circa 1948

Multiple maps of excavations from William S. Godfrey's work at the Newport Tower. All of the maps are rolled together into one scroll. The first map is a cutaway map of the base of the tower, which...

A photograph of a mantelpiece at the Christopher Fowler House (29 Mary Street). The mantelpiece's surround is comprised of a carved swag design along its top edge bordered by two carved urns; decor...

A photograph depicting Buena Vista (now Old Beach Road) looking towards Easton Pond. The wall of the Dalewell Estate is visible at left; Eustis Avenue is visible at the bottom of the hill.

Photograph of the house at 8 Coddington Street in Newport, RI. Also known as the Sheldon House, it was situated on the northwest corner of Coddington and Charles Streets. The house was demolished b...

circa 1947 – 1960

Lavender felt hat in a mushroom shaoe with a puffed brim sewed in scallop effect. The inner band is made of black grosgrain. Two side combs are attached with elastic cord. "Baker" is embroidered on...

A picture of the Malhone House (St. Claire Home) from the view point of Thames Street. 

A photograph depicting the interior of 29 Mary Street (Christopher Fowler House). The walls appear to be painted or papered with a landscape scene; a chest of drawers and a lamp are located at cent...

Watercolor painting depicting two large buildings with a large fishing boat docked. Red paint dominates the buildings and is reflected in the water. A large boat, "Lorna", is painted green and grey...

circa 1946

This is a map of Newport that shows streets and places of interest. There is a key of "Places to See" that includes the Old State House, the Wanton-Lyman-Hazard House, the Redwood Library and more....

circa 1946

Map emphasizes Newport's summer colony and principle points of interest, especially the Mile Post Restaurant. Map also includes text with descriptions of some of these sites. 

Automatic pencil shaped like a torpedo, with propellers at top. Incised near head and below propeller.

"Goat Island Torpedo Station in Newport Waterfront 1946" "Waterfront" crossed out, replaced with "harbor". Tag featuring price of work, "$300.00".
Watercolor painting of the Goat Island Torpe...

Water color, "Old coal yard, Newport Harbor," 1946 by Mary Staley.

Print, Photographic
August 15 1945

A photograph of spectators watching a parade of military personnel, V-J Day, August 15, 1945. Photograph was taken on Broadway, looking towards Equality Park.

August 6 1945

Linen-type postcard, color illustration of the main entrance and gateway to the Breakers, Newport, R.I. The house and main walk are visible through the gate. Beneath the image is printed, "Residenc...

Photograph of a uniformed officer, leaning against the wall of a building. A sign above him reads "Automotive Lab C.A. School - Automotive Classroom."

Handwritten below the photograph i...

circa 1945

A promotional booklet entitled: "An Invitation to the United Nations Organization to Establish Permanent Headquarters in Historic Newport, Rhode Island." Text includes brief histories of Rhode Isla...

Family photo album and srcapbook of Locket Ford Ballard Sjr., The photographs and newspaper clippings contained range from 1945 to 1970, and relate to the wider Ballard Family. A selection includes...

Family photo album and scrapbook of Locket Ford Ballard, Jr. The photographs range from 1945 to 1966 and represent the accomplishments of his father, Locket Ford Ballard Sr. and family life of a yo...

Black and white photograph of the Clarke School class of 1945. Photographed labeled on bottom. Fred Petersen, donor, is 9th from the left in the top row. Thin white border around the edge of image....

A photograph of twenty-four Newport, Rhode Island city officials. The group is in three rows (front row seated). There are twenty-three men and one female. The United States flag is hanging on the ...

Color postcard of Hunter House. Back side is divided with short description of front image in bottom left corner. Scalloped edge design cut into outer border.

Print, Photographic
September 1944

A photograph of Touro Park after the Great Atlantic Hurricane (1944). The Old Stone Mill is visible at left; two uprooted trees and several fallen branches are visible throughout. Three workers can...

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