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February 19 1879

Small paper booklet of recipes wtth the title page reading, "Valuable Recipts for Cooking, Original and Selected: Carefully Compiled for the Ladies' Fair of Zion Church, Newport RI, February 19th, ...

Cabinet card of Lawrence Swinburne as a young boy. Subject is wearing a velvet-faced frock with three rows of buttons and a lace-like collar and cuffs, clocked stockings, and buttoned boots. His le...

Rectangular wooden box with 1 glass window on each long side showing views of Narragansett bay shoreline; handles on top of box turn paper showing different scenes - one window shows west bay view,...

July 1877

Article in Potter's American Monthly titled, "Civic and Scenic Rhode Island - Newport in 1877."

Copy of a map of the area around Sachuest Beach (Second Beach) in Middletown, based on drawing by John Mumford in 1716. Notation on map reads: "A Plot taken from one Drawn by John Mumford July 26 1...

This ledger accounts for the daily operations of a working farm, very likely Hammersmith Farm, from 1877 through 1898. Items accounted include hay, crops, animals and physical improvements to struc...

"1876 - A View of the Forty Steps by Sam C. Bailey. Painted and presented to my nieces. This painting was made in my 70th year without having had instruction, and never having made an attempt with ...

A print depicting an architectural rendering of Rogers High School; was most likely torn from "American Architect and Building News" (dated May 20, 1876). Top corners include labeled renderings of ...

Postcard style New Year's card to Mary Weaver from J.P. Newell. The front of the card is notated by Newell, "London views on Thames River." Reverse features a pen sketch of a bird flying "across th...

Postcard style Christmas card to Phoebe Weaver from J.P. Newell. Reverse features a pen sketch of a bird flying over water. This card was found tucked inside 2013.22.1, Phoebe Weaver's autograph book.

Wedding gown worn by Maria Elizabeth Cory Brown, married November 10, 1875. Gown is comprised of a bodice and a separate skirt made of several layers of off-white plain weave fabric. First layer is...


circa 1875 – 1925

Fine gray and black silk bodice with fabric on giadonal panels next to vertical stripes, stand up collar, slits at side seams, covered button panel in front, buttons missing.

circa 1875

White, Lady's Apron; ties around waist, heavily embroidered.

circa 1875

Oval bust-length portrait of Dr. Samuel Ward Francis; receding hairline, brown hair, mustache and partial beard. Black suit, white shirt with red stickpin under bow tie. Subject lived in Newport, R...

circa 1875

A stereograph depicting the grounds at Belair, home of the Norman Family located on Old Beach Road (earlier Buena Vista). Two pieces of twig furniture can be seen in the distance towards left. "Reg...

circa 1875

A stereograph depicting a group of adults and children posed on an around a tree house on the grounds of Belair, the Norman Family estate on Old Beach Road (earlier Buena Vista).

circa 1875

A stereograph depicting a child, most likely from the Norman family, with three women (probably nurses). The group is standing on the grounds of Belair, directly in front of a greenhouse (left) and...

circa 1875

A photograph of the landscape behind Belair. An exotic bird is visible between trees at foreground; the house's porch, covered in ivy, is visible in the background.

A carte-de-visite depicting Tamy Taylor. Ms. Taylor wears a pillbox-style hat, long earrings, and a hair net.

1875 – 1900

Cream lightweight wool petticoat with machine embroidered design around hem. Embroidery done after hem was turned up. Cotton waistband with 5/8 in. mother of pearl button. Waist gathered in back ne...

1875 – 1950

Square, cream-colored shawl with 8 inch knotted fringe on all sides. Satin weave forms pattern on tabby ground. Edges of shawl folded under with fringe knotted through fold. 

Piece of blue moire stamped in gold, "FANCY DRESS BALL/NEW YORK/1875"

A pair of white grosgrain, soft leather inside. Square toe, full rosette on toe.

1875 – 1925

Square shawl of gray beige silk with a striped border woven into the material in white (or a lighter shade of the gray beige). Two sides are selvedge and the other two are hemmed. Two tags attached...

White starched man's cuff with five button holes.

1875 – 1925

Black velvet coat with black silk lining. Patch pocket inside PR breast. Soutache braiding on shawl collar and cuffs. No waist line or back slit in skirt. Machine lock stitch inside. Gathering at s...

Round canoe fender made of two pieces of leather sewn around edges and stuffed, hanging tab on one side, star incised in leather in center of both sides. Found in the left of J.T O'connell's ship c...

after 1875

A stereograph of a girl and two boys, possibly members of the Norman family, standing on the grounds of Belair. Behind them, the main house, an octagonal tower, a greenhouse and bowling alley, and ...

after 1875

A stereograph of the stable at Belair, constructed by Dudley Newton between 1874-75. "Mrs. G. H. Norman" is handwritten on left edge of card.

A photograph of the carriage house at Belair, designed by Dudley Newton and constructed between 1874-75. Photo is a print made from a glass plate negative.

Advertisement for muster of the First Brigade, R.I. Militia in Newport, October 1, 1874. Reads: "The Day we celebrate. Welcome to our island home!"

A portrait drawing of Dr. Rowland Robinson Hazard. Appears to be rendered in black and white chalk; paper is mounted on a plain-weave cloth back. Dr. Hazard is wearing a black coat with a black nec...

Autograph book of Phebie E.T. Weaver. Book contains many signatures, verses and personal messages from residents of Newport, Middletown, Portsmouth and other places in New England. Book most notabl...

View of ocean, beach and rocky wall, four seagulls in flight on the left and three seagulls flying over ocean to the right. See #42.4; donor is granddaughter of artist.

A matted photograph of the Seventh Day Baptist Meeting House. Photograph is part of Charles McKim's portfolio of 17th and 18th century Newport architecture and scenes.

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