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before 1862

Small cardboard box made to look like a book; outside is covered w/ red velvet & gold paper edging & trimming; pages are simulated in gold. Exterior lined w/ blue paper; mirror in the cove...

before 1861


Marriage certificate of William R. Dunham and Emma A. Shaw. Document has many tears from the edges inward. Features printed cherubs, angels, flowers, fruit and other decorative illustrations. Certi...

Testimonial of honor given to Robert D. Coggeshall for his service to his country during the Civil War. Signed by Edward C. Manron, adjutant general and A. Burnside, governor. A portrait of Coggesh...

Small silver circular medal that reads, "Life Saving Benevolent Association of New York Incorporated March 29 1824" Back reads, "Vita Felicibus Ausis Servata./ Presented to Miss Ida Lewis as a test...

Silver commerative medal in an anchor shape.. Front reads, "Here I came to an anchor" and the back reads, "Sterling. A remembrance to Ida Lewis the saver of many lives.

An architectural rendering of "Le Chalet" (also called "Rest Mere," built between 1869-1870), a house on Bellevue Avenue designed by Richard Morris Hunt. Illustration was most likely executed by Hu...

Pulling Boat
circa 1869

Rowboat "Rescue," made by Thomas Stoddard, used by Ida Lewis. Oak boat with two sets of oars; two benches across middle and two sets of oarlock holders. Panel with criss-cross pattern at bow. Nauti...

A photograph of Ida Lewis seated on a rock neaxt to her rowboat, Rescue. Lewis is wearing a hat with a band reading "Rescue" and is holding an oar. Printed text on mat below photograph reads: "En...

Pamphlet about the life of Ida Lewis, entitled, "Ida Lewis, The Heroine of Lime Rock." By George D. Brewerton. 

A silver circular medal with a crest on the front with two rowboats, shaking hands, and a ship at sea. Above the word "refuge" is a house. Inscription: (front): "Humane Society of Massachusetts, Re...

A ticket for steamship passage issued by the Narragansett Steamship Company/Fall River Line to Ida Lewis. The ticket is designated as "Complimentary," and was valid through December 31, 1869.

sheet music
1869 – 1911

Sheet music, "Respectfully dedicated to the Heroine of New Port Lime Rock, Miss Ida Lewis." The cover features an illustration of Ida Lewis standing with Lime Rock Lighthouse in the background, as ...

1869 – 1900

Soft drink type bottle with aqua blue tint. Bottle embossed with letters on front. Embossed label inside pressed oval "C & G Bailey/ 260 Oak Grove Ave/ Fall River, Mass." Embossed under this "C...

Ornate silver-plated speaking trumpet w/ red braided silk cord, presented to Thomas Stevens by the members of the Phoenix Hook & Ladder Co., No. 1, Newport, RI. Trumpet is elaborately engraved,...

01.933 AB
Stamp, Notary
1869 – 1889

Two parts of a seal embosser. It reads, "Francis Brinley/Newport, RI/Notary Public" Made in Newport.

1869 – 1889

Appears to be 1/2 of a seal embosser. Marked with "Francis Brinley/State Of Rhode Island/A Commissioner of Deeds For The State of Rhode Island, City and County of Newport". Made in Newport.

1869 – 1889

Appears to be the top of a testimonial weight (?)."Francis Brinley/State of Rhode Island/A Commissioner of Deeds For The State of Rhode Island, City and County of Newport". Made in Newport.

A carte-de-visite depicting Ida Lewis holding an oar. Text below image reads: "Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year of our Lord 1869, by Manchester Brothers, in the Clerks Office of th...

A carte-de-visite depicting a possible member of the Pourtales family (James?), 1869. The young man pictured wears a coat with wide lapels, a high collar, and a necktie with a broad knot.

Sun Compass
after 1869

Small sundial and compass in hinged wooden case. Belonged to Ida Lewis; acquired with other Ida Lewis memorabilia.

A photograph of Kay Chapel, located on the corner of Church and Mary Streets. Part of the exterior is covered in ivy; a street lamp is visible at foreground.

circa 1868

Envelope addressed to "Capt. Charles Hunter, Aux soine Mile de Pourtalis, Chateau de Bandeville, Par Dourdan, Seine et Oise." Postmarked in Paris. Features "Empire Francais" stamp.

Beaded 19th century style furniture set in a circle on a brown rug with flowered pattern. Sits on a wooden base and is covered by a glass dome. Furniture is made of light blue and maroon beads; yel...

A porcelain creamer as part of a teaset of the pattern "Fontainebleau"; outsides glazed in gros blue to produce a marbling effect; superimposed gilded lambrequins and borders. Creamer has full roun...

circa 1868

Porcelain teapot with cover as part of a teaset with pattern with "Fontainebleau"; outsides glazed in gros blue to produce a marbling effect; superimposed gilded lambrequins and borders. Teapot has...

Bowl, Sugar
circa 1868

Porcelain covered sugar bowl that is part of a teaset in the pattern "Fontainebleau"; outsides glazed in gros blue to produce a marbling effect; superimposed gilded lambrequins and borders. Bowl ha...

31.2.1 AB
circa 1868

Two porcelain teacups with saucers that are part of a teaset of the pattern "Fontainebleau". The outside is glazed in gros blue to produce a marbling effect; superimposed gilded lambrequins and bor...

A framed oval photograph of Hugh Auchincloss, Sr. (1858-1913). Photograph is a full body portrait; Auchincloss has a hat in his left hand, and is wearing a vest and jacket, chain and fob, a white p...

A carte-de-visite depicting Dr. William Gibson, c.1868.

White cotton drawers. Trim of white lace, embroidered vertical bands with flowers above lace trim. Perhaps once owned by Emily Priscilla Smith, which may be the maiden name of Mrs. Horatio Rogers, ...

White linen chemise. Trimmed with embroidery and val. edging. Possible once belonged to Emily Priscilla Smith, becuase of the initials EPS on front. Emily Priscilla Smith may be the maiden name of ...

Portrait of Miss Ruth Franklin. Oval bust-length portrait, subject faces to the right; subject is a young girl with hair pulled back with headband; dress about shoulders; thin necklace; black and g...

A carte-de-visite depicting Mary LeRoy King, 1868.

A mounted photograph depicting the Commodore Matthew C. Perry Monument in Touro Park (built 1868). The monument is surrounded by a fence and grass; trees, a lamppost, and electrical cables are visi...

November 30 1867

Watercolor painting mapping out a plan for landscaping in Cherry Neck. A large compass is drawn in the upper left. The inscription at the bottom gives the area of each property lot on the map in ac...

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