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Bill of lading for the packet sloop "Richard" from the Samuel and William Vernon merchants for a sale of logwood and other sundries. It also itemizes related expenses such as wharf storage, brokera...

circa 1720

Small silver cup made by Samuel Vernon of Newport, his mark, the initials "SV" inside a small heart, can be seen on the right side of the cup's handle. The cup opens slightly wider at the mouth wit...

Cup with engraved initials "RSA" on bottom and "PC" on side; straght-sided with flared lip; moulded base; strap handle. Marked with "SV" enclosed in a heart.

1720 – 1737

Silver tankard with original owner's initials engraved on bottom of tankard: "M*C"; later owner's names engraved in script on outside of tankard; spout added in late 19th century. Belonged to Wanto...

Porringer with engraved initials on handle: "B"/ "B*C" / "C*P", these appear to be added later in the 18th century; on side of porringer in script are the initials "MO"; handle is triangular-shaped...

Silver porringer, round bowl with pierced handle. On back of handle "S+V" enclosed in heart. Inscribed on front "IBS 1692 - date added about 1888". It originally belonged to Joseph and Susanna (Tur...

1700 – 1737

Tankard with engraved initials" "SRF" on handle; Rhodes family arms engraved on body; applied band around middle; flat lid (replaced). Marked "SV+" enclosed in a heart on body, not on lid.

1695 – 1725

Spoon with engraved initials: "GCF"; swage decoration on back of bowl; trifid-end handle which curves down. Marked with "S+V" enclosed in a heart.

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