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Cabinet card depicting Elizabeth B. Finch. She is wearing a dress with bell sleeves, and her left arm is resting on a pedestal. Her hair is curled and tied up with ribbons. Photo is marked "Rockwo...

A photograph of Bellevue Avenue, looking south towards the Ocean House. Most likely taken from a roof or second-story window; image dates prior to the construction of the Newport Casino (1879-1881)...

Saucer is white with gold around rim, two gold rings in center and "Capt. Hazard" written in gold in the center. Cup is white with gold around inner rim and thin gold ring below; handle has indenta...

Comb, Hair
before 1870

Child's comb with a tortoise shell decoration. Comb is an 'Alice in Wonderland' style.

February 19 1879

Small paper booklet of recipes with the title page reading, "Valuable Recipts for Cooking, Original and Selected: Carefully Compiled for the Ladies' Fair of Zion Church, Newport RI, February 19th, ...

circa 1879

Lithograph of Central Baptist Church, Newport, RI. Black and white lithograph of church next door to Artillery Company; flagpole in front; white picket fence; cobblestone street; 3 men, 4 women &am...

Set of five birthday cards. Four are to Frances Randolph Wood Clarke from her grandchildren. The fifth is a card to "Aunt Jessie" from her Godmother.

December 1878

A carte-de-visite depicting Elizabeth Wheeler Paul, who is seen wearing earrings and a bow collar secured by a brooch.

Cabinet card of Lawrence Swinburne as a young boy. Subject is wearing a velvet-faced frock with three rows of buttons and a lace-like collar and cuffs, clocked stockings, and buttoned boots. His le...

circa 1878

This is a map of the sewers of Newport in 1878. Compiled by N.W. Eayers.

Rectangular wooden box with 1 glass window on each long side showing views of Narragansett bay shoreline; handles on top of box turn paper showing different scenes - one window shows west bay view,...

Wooden oblong panorama box (.1A) with glass windows on the two long sides. .1B is a wood cover that fits tightly onto the box. Top of lid has ten screw holes and four larger holes for the cranks. ....

July 1877

Article in Potter's American Monthly titled, "Civic and Scenic Rhode Island - Newport in 1877."

Doll, Paper
circa 1877

Folder for the paper doll 'Florence' and her dresses from the 'Bon Ton Series' (3 cents each). One side of folder shows a blindfolded florence, the other side of the folder lists the six kinds of p...

Folder containing the paper doll 'Nellie' and her dresses. Front of folder shows Nellie standing on a rock in a river. Back of the folder lists the different types of paper dolls made by the Chroma...

Folder of the paper doll 'Dora' with four of her dresses. Front of folder shows Dora against a black background, back of folder lists paper dolls in book form by Mcloughlin Bros. Directions for mak...

A is the paper doll 'Clara' wearing her undergarments and shoes. B is a green and red dress. C is a blue and white striped dress. D is a blue, yellow and green dress. Written on back of A in pencil...

A is 'Louise' in her undergarments and shoes standing on a blue, red, yellow and green floor. B is a red winter coat with white hand muff and blue and white skirt. C is a yellow and green short sle...

Dress A has two paper tabs intact at shoulders, long sleeve dress of orange and two shades of blue. Dress B is a green skirt with long sleeves and a purple jacket, dress Chas a purple jacket and a ...

Two paper doll dresses with tabs intact at the shoulders. A has a pink skirt, white shirt and a yellow jacket and is holding a hat in the right hand. B is a orange, blue, pink and white dress with ...

Doll, Paper
circa 1877

Paper doll blue, white and red dress. Right arm is bent at the elbow, left arm hangs down by side. 'Maude' is written in pencil on back of dress.

Sepia toned photograph of firefighters in front of the fire station on Young Street. Fire station number 7. There are 11 men standing in the foreground in uniform. There are two men and a young ...

Two bust silhouettes of a man wearing a hat, goatee; black on white, no frame. A) faces left, B) faces right.

This ledger accounts for the daily operations of a working farm, very likely Hammersmith Farm, from 1877 through 1898. Items accounted include hay, crops, animals and physical improvements to struc...

Copy of a map of the area around Sachuest Beach (Second Beach) in Middletown, based on drawing by John Mumford in 1716. Notation on map reads: "A Plot taken from one Drawn by John Mumford July 26 1...

91.7.6 AB
circa 1876

Wooden box, custom made for the delivery of dies used to stamp the Benjamin B. Howland commemorative medal (91.7.5). Made of 1-inch thick slabs of wood nailed together; entire box was originally sc...

circa 1876

Centennial souvenir with a picture of George Washington, two crossed flags, one verse, picture of a building located near a river and seven flags with an eagle on top.

circa 1876

Centennial souvenir, shows many different types of industry, a view of the arts building constructed temporarily in Pennsylvania, a portrait of George Washington, two flags, and the American eagle....

circa 1876

Centennial souvenir, shows many different types of industry, a view of the arts building constructed temporarily in Pennsylvania, a portrait of George Washington, two flags, and the American eagle....

circa 1876

Bisque shoulder head, turned to left (stationary); blue glass eyes, pierced ears. Body is all leather. Doll is wearing brown silk taffeta dress with lace trim, watch on chain, black lace with gree...

circa 1876

Red transfer print on gold cotton of the declaration of independence with portraits of Washington, Jefferson and Adams; seals of the 13 original colonies.

circa 1876

This map shows the roads and points of interest of Newport. It is folded up into a small red booklet.

circa 1876

Map showing the principal points of interest in the city and the drives on the island. Folded into a small green booklet. 

A carte-de-visite depicting Charlie Millett Taylor, 1876.


Very heavy plain metal weight die. Top is slightly indented. Has silhouetted scene of Newport and mirror image of inscription: "City Of Newport, Rhode Island. Incorporated 1784. Rechartered 1853." ...


Die: very heavy metal weight, slightly indented, covered with wax and has mirror image of inscription: "The City Of Newport, Rhode Island To Benjamin B. Howland/ A Testimonial For Faithful Public S...

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