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91.14.5 AB
before 1807

Pencil and watercolor drawing of hit of Sarah Obadiah, near New Bedford, MA. Supposedly done with aid of camera obscura. Front of the drawing reads, "Hut of Sarah Obadiah, an aged Indian. Near New ...

A is strands of brown hair that belonged to Ruth Williams. B is a pattern in ink on a piece of paper. C is brown strands of hair that belonged to Dorcas Brown. The hair would have been used over th...

Ditty Bag
circa 1850

White cotton drawstring bag with black ink text and motifs of fruit, birds and musical instruments. Bag is in poor condition. The name 'Dorcas Brown' is written on it. Text on bag reads:' Friendshi...

Leather covered book, "Wisdom in Miniature". Inside book is inscribed, "R Williams to Catherine Williams 1837". Inside cover and pages feature pen scribbles and possible letter practicing.

Soft cover book, "The Young Florists Companion". Handmade book cover is marked, "Catherine Williams, Bridgewater."

circa 1807

Silver, monogrammed "M.W./H., and dated 1807". Descended in Hadwen-Williams family, attributed by them to W. Hadwen, but more likely made by Hookey. Gift to Margaret Williams Carman from her mother...

Framed paper silhouettes of Mr. and Mrs. Hadwen. Inside frame is a newspaper clipping of John Hawden's obituary. The silhouettes are in reverse; they are cut outs on a black background.

Blue-white porcelain plate, blue overglaze design of bamboo, stairway, floral motifs. Brown glaze on rim. Supposedly brought from China by a member of Hadwen Family c. 1740, descended in Hadwen-Wil...

Silhouette of woman, Ruth Williams, facing left in light colored paper. Not mounted or framed.

Framed paper silhouette of Ruth Williams, facing right. Appears to either be wearing a bonnet, or has hair in a bun.

Framed paper silhouette of Obediah Williams, facing left. Glass is cracked.

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