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A stereograph image depicting the Aquidneck Hotel on Pelham Street.

Image was produced by Newport photographer Joshua A. Williams (d. 1892), whose printed label on reverse reads:

2002.10 A-E
before 1898

One side of the case depicts a leaping horse. The other side shows three dogs in a rural setting. The dog side of the case is in worse condition than the side depicting the horse. The face of the w...

Shingle Tile
before 1894

Piece of roof slate with 1 3/4" hole made by a hailstone in a storm on July 14, 1894; small hole to accommodate nail. Marked "10" on the underside.

before 1893

Turned cylinder (goblet shape), may have heavier metal in core, seal inscription surrounds image of scales of justice. Inscription: "Court of Compleas, Newport."

A stereograph depicting the Mrs. William M. Coles House, Bellevue Avenue at Dixon Street. House has a half-timbered exterior and is bordered by a fence and trees. Photographs by Joshua Appleby Will...

A photograph depicting buildings at the corner of Spring and Church Streets. Two carriages and street railroad tracks are visible on Spring Street; hedges and a fence bordering Trinity Church's chu...

A stereograph of the John Bansiter House on the corner of Spring and Pelham Streets. A carriage and three pedestrians are visible at center. Image by J.A. Williams (d. 1892). Printed label on re...

before 1892

A stereograph depicting a view of Washington Square, looking west. The Brick Market is visible in the distance at right. Printed label on reverse reads: "Washington Square,/NEWPORT, R.I./PHOTOGRAPH...

A carte-de-visite depicting Richard Morris Hunt. Portrait appears in an oval shape; Hunt has a long moustache and wears a coat and necktie. Carte was produced in Nice, France by F. Chardonnet (lo...

before July 31 1891

A carte-de-visite depicting a young boy wearing a jacket and necktie. Handwriting at bottom edge (front) reads: "J...[illegible]." Handwriting on reverse reads: Jacob Wa...[illegible]-/Gave this ...

A photograph of The Breakers (first), ocean facade. Large striped awnings are visible at the first level; the house is covered in ivy. Architectural features include two large gables, a balustrad...

A photograph depicting a large hall in The Breakers (first). A staircase flanks an archway at center; potted palms, chandeliers, and sconces are seen throughout. Room has a coffered ceiling and e...

A photograph depicting a view of Broadway, looking north from Bull Street. A young boy is standing at foreground; street railroad cars and carriages are visible in the background. Photo was taken...

A transparency depicting Eolus, a steamship that provided service between Wickford, Rhode Island and Newport. Ship is most likely pictured in Newport Harbor.

A photograph depicting Eolus, a steamship that provided service between Wickford, Rhode Island and Newport. Outbuildings at Fort Adams are visible in the background.

A print (made from an original photograph or negative) of the second Ocean House, located on Bellevue Avenue. A house located on the John G. Weaver Estate (according to1893 Atlas, L.J. Richards &...

A print (made from an original photograph or negative) of the second Ocean House, located on Bellevue Avenue.

A matted photograph of the second Ocean House hotel, located on Bellevue Avenue. Features include steeply-pitched gables and a large verandah with detailed woodwork.

A photomechanical print that appears to have been cut from an unknown source. Print features several houses along the Cliff Walk, including The Breakers (original house, destroyed by fire in 1892)...

A photograph depicting the Forty Steps at the Cliff Walk, located at the end of Narragansett Avenue. The first Breakers (Peabody & Stearns, destroyed by fire in 1892) is visible at far right i...

A carte de visite depicting Edwin Booth. Printed text reads "EDWIN BOOTH./EAST GRAND CIRCUS PARK,/Detroit." Booth's signature can be seen at bottom left.

A matted photograph depicting a young child sitting on a fence near Hanging Rock, Middletown. A small body of water and a stone wall are visible towards foreground.

A mounted photograph of stone cutters with their tools. Photograph by James Nicholson.

A mounted photograph of stone cutters with their tools (seated in front of a rock wall). Photograph taken by James Nicholson.

A photograph depicting the Ocean House at the corner of Bellevue Avenue and Bowery Street. A boy is seen standing in front of the hotel under a lamppost. A label on the mat reads: "Ocean House ...

A photograph depicting the Ocean House on Bellevue Avenue. A carriage is seen passing by the hotel.

before 1892

A stereograph depicting the Old Stone Mill in Touro Park. The Mill is shown covered in ivy.

Stereograph was produced by Joshua A. Williams of Newport; his studio label, affixed to rever...

A black and white photograph depicting the Ocean House veranda, with several people gathered. A caption at bottom center reads: "GRAND VERANDA OF THE OCEAN HOUSE, NEWPORT." Also labeled at bottom...

Sepia toned photo of the first Breakers estate, Ruggles Avenue. Photo depicts the driveway of the Breakers estate with a man in a carriage. Bottom of photo reads "Ochre Point, No. 143, The Breake...

November 21 1899

Deed entitled "Abstract of the Title of the Premises of the Devisees of Maria L. Travers deceased to a parcel of land on the corner of Narragansett Avenue, Ochre Point Avenue and Webster Street in ...

September 1899

Round cardboard tag with cord. Printed on one side is a picture of a horse in the center with legend around outside rim: "Newport Horse Show/Incorporated 1898" on back: "Newport Historical Society,...

A photograph depiciting City Hall (the Brick Market) decorated for an Election Day celebration, May 20, 1899. Four large portraits are seen around a large portrait of George Washington (one inclu...

circa 1899

Doll's head is bisque with skintone, blue sleep eyes, open mouth with six teeth, pierced ears, strawberry blond human hair. The body is made from jointed composition. The clothes are faded blue sat...

Print, Photographic
circa 1899 – 1927

A photograph of Lippitt's Castle (also called Breakwater) located on Ledge Road. Architectural and landscape features include crenellated towers and a large stone wall bordered by a picket fence. ...

Print, Photographic
circa 1899 – 1927

A photograph of Lippitt's Castle, Ledge Road (also known as "Breakwater"). Coastal rocks are visible at foreground; a large stone wall surrounds the house, which is comprised of several crenellate...

A black and white photograph of John Stedman Ward as a young boy, c. 1899. Stedman wears a sailor suit with short breeches; he is posed on a low sculptural wall and a fur-like mat.

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