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circa 1914

A photograph of the Harold Carter Brown House and its surrounding landscape, Bellevue Avenue.

A photograph of the Harold Carter Brown House, located on Bellevue Avenue. A tree-lined path leading up to a porte-cochere is visible at foreground. Photo taken by Newport Daily News.

D416 AB
circa 1883

Bottle green (bluish, almost black). Heavy silk, fancy weave, front of skirt, floral brocade on light blue-green ground. Trim with chiffon and lace.

Pair of white satin boots with 'Baby Louis' heel, eight white buttons on each boot, clear beaded bow ornament on foot. Beaded bow-ornament on instep. Worn with D414 AB white satin dress circa 1883....

D414 AB
Dress (garment)
1882 – 1883

White satin trim with lace.

2 bodices with a skirt belt. Bright green; ribbed silk. Originally trimmed with lace. Made by Worth, 7 Rue de la Paix, Paris, France

A book with a collection of seals. The seals are pressed into the book's pages in a grid pattern. The family name belonging to the seal is written underneath. The surnames associated with the s...

Gold tea ball is hinged on one side; hollow; has crosses, dots and swirls cut out; gold chain attached to hook.

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