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A photograph of stairs and railings from a second floor hall at the Hunter House. A religious statue is visible on a landing at center; photograph was most likely taken when the house served as a c...

A photograph of the interior of Trinity Church, looking towards the pulpit and altar. Low chandeliers are visible above the center aisle. A note handwritten on reverse reads: "K. Covell neg/Purchas...

Photograph of two young women riding in the back of a car as part of a parade procession. The Red and White Supermarket of Broadway is visible in the background.

Photograph of four men dressed in suits marching as part of a parade procession. Photo was most likely taken on Broadway.

Photograph of carriages and wagons (drawn by horses and a burro) in a parade procession. Photo was most likely taken on Broadway.

Photograph on men in period military uniforms marching as part of a parade procession. Photo was most likely taken on Broadway.

Photograph of a man driving an antique car, probably as part of a parade procession. A woman holding a fringed umbrella or parasol can be seen sitting in the vehicle at right. Photo was most likel...

Photograph of a parade procession (most likely on Broadway) featuring antique automobiles.

Photograph of a parade procession, featuring an automobile or truck masqueraded to look like a locomotive. Photo was most likely taken on Broadway.

Photograph of a parade, featuring three men in suits. One is carrying a sign that reads, "FOR GOOD CLEAN HONEST PROGRESSIVE GOV'T VOTE REPUBLICAN." Behind them is a man riding a penny-farthing bicy...

Photograph of a parade procession, most likely on Broadway. A young woman wearing a white dress and carrying a baton leads a percussion band.

Photograph of a parade, featuring an antique fire engine with two men dressed in firefighter gear. Photo was most likely taken on Broadway.

Photograph of a vehicle in a parade marked "COAL." Its passengers include two men in a top hat and a bowler, as well as at least two women carrying umbrellas or parasols. Photo was most likely tak...

December 1947

Newport Daily News negative of a Christmas Tree being decorated in Touro park. The Old Stone Mill is in view in the background. 

June 2 1947

Grocery receipt from Jas. H. Drury & Co. For $22.70 for Mrs. M. Brown. When receipt was issued, Mrs. Brown lived at 20 Bull Street, Newport. Jas H. Drury & Co. Sold fancy and staple grocer...

Photographic print
February 27 1947

Photographic print of a Rogers High School class, with a view of the classroom taken from behind the teacher's desk. 

Photographic print of the John Bliss house at 2 Wilbur Street, Newport, R.I. The photograph shows the interior of the house, included a bricked over fireplace, and a glassware cabinet in the corner...

Photograph of the house at 8 Coddington Street in Newport, RI. Also known as the Sheldon House, it was situated on the northwest corner of Coddington and Charles Streets. The house was demolished b...

circa 1947 – 1960

Lavender felt hat in a mushroom shaoe with a puffed brim sewed in scallop effect. The inner band is made of black grosgrain. Two side combs are attached with elastic cord. "Baker" is embroidered on...

A photograph depicting a detail of the west facade of the Colony House. Features include a clipped gable, an octagonal clock, two oculi, a carved pineapple, and a balcony. Date derived from note ...

A photograph depicting a detail of the west facade of the Colony House. Architectural features include a clipped gable, an octagonal clock, two oculi, dormers, a cupola, a roof balustrade, and a w...

A picture of the Malhone House (St. Claire Home) from the view point of Thames Street. 

A photograph depicting the interior of 29 Mary Street (Christopher Fowler House). The walls appear to be painted or papered with a landscape scene; a chest of drawers and a lamp are located at cent...

Watercolor painting depicting two large buildings with a large fishing boat docked. Red paint dominates the buildings and is reflected in the water. A large boat, "Lorna", is painted green and grey...

A Christmas postcard sent by Anne and William Vanderbilt to Mr. Alfred Bryan and family. Front of postcard includes red printed text and a black and white photograph of William H. Vanderbilt, Jr. ...

Family photo album and srcapbook of Locket Ford Ballard Sjr., The photographs and newspaper clippings contained range from 1945 to 1970, and relate to the wider Ballard Family. A selection includes...

Family photo album and scrapbook of Locket Ford Ballard, Jr. The photographs range from 1945 to 1966 and represent the accomplishments of his father, Locket Ford Ballard Sr. and family life of a yo...

Color photograph of Washington Square, including the Bank of Newport Building (center). Photograph was taken from the Square, where flowers surround a pool (fountain). Automobiles are parked towa...

1943 – 1960

Soft drink type, medium green bottle, wide ribs on top and bottom. Embossed around middle . No soda is remaining. Embossed: 'Coca-Cola/ Trade Mark / Registered/ min. Contents 6 fl ozs'. (label prin...

Photograph of the west side of Second Street looking south from Elm Street in Newport. A woman is walking on the sidewalk, and a car is in the street.

Dark blue horsehair pillbox hat trimmed with grosgrain bows and basket woven applied elements. Interior is trimmed with a grosgrain ribbon.

Lapel Pin
1940 – 1950

Pin from the Rhode Island Civil Defense. Circular blue pin with white triangle and red CD inside. 

Three pins owned by Nestor Gerbeville, a civil defense warden. One is the state seal of Rhode Island, and the second is a small round blue button with a red and white striped triangle. The third is...

Block, Wood
1940 – 1950

View of Redwood Library.

Block, Wood
1940 – 1950

Carved out area with candle (used in conjuntion with lantern woodcut).

Block, Wood
1940 – 1950

Female silhouette in middle of heart pierced by an arrow

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