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December 14 1749

Receipt for payment of £97 for work of "Negro Dublin" and "Negro Natt." Payment received by D. Updike from Mr. William Vernon.

Measure, Liquid
1749 – 1768

Lid has an anchor engraving. Engraved initials IBE and engraved cartonche on body of measure. Fluer de lais attaches lid to measure, c.1/2 gallon size. Made by John Fryers in Newport RI. A 4 is amr...

November 25 1748

Letter between Moses Lopez and Godfrey Mallbone Junior, a merchant in Boston, regarding a purchase of sugar, for which Mr. Mallbone owes Mr. Lopez money. Mr. Lopez outlines his need for prompt paym...

September 23 1748

Letter between Moses Lopez and Godfrey Mallbone regarding a purchase of sugar, for which Mr. Mallbone owes Mr. Lopez money. 

Map of Daniel Gould's farm in Middletown; includes a listing of abutters and depictions of individual trees, a grave, a corn crib, and a spring that "never dries". This property descended through t...

Portrait of John Taylor (1748-1791). Male bust; blue eyes, colorful cheeks; white shirt with dark blue jacket. Subject is son of Robert Taylor of Newport, RI.

July 27 1747

Deed of sale for land sold by Daniel Russell, goldsmith, to Thomas Wickham, Merchant, for the sum of three hundred and twenty pounds. The document is witnessed by Isaac Anthony and William Coddingt...

circa 1747

Tan silk breeches. Three large buttons down front, four small buttons at the bottom of each leg. Five buttonholes at back of pants. Belonged to Edward Scott, first librarian of Redwood Library 1747.

circa 1746

This is a copy of the map drawn up for Long Wharf. It includes the landowners and rough sizes of properties in feet. Compiled by Samuel Rodman, William Read and Josias Lyndon. 

Account book
1746 – 1749

An account book detailing transactions associated with merchant John Banister (1707-1767), September 1746-December 1749. Some highlights include Banister's exporting of Narragansett Pacers to the W...

Land register
September 18 1745

A draft of a house lot belonging to Richard Roes (possibly a misspelling of Richard Rose or Richard Roas). The document shows a division of the lot on the 18th of September 1745, as surveyed by Sam...


circa 1745

Cross-cut piece of white pine piling; base of branch protrudes from one side; some bark remains/ 87 rings; has been heavily shellacked; top surface sanded in 1995. Said to be part of the original (...

Large round pewter serving plate. Three tax stamps on back, very faded, but appear to read Richard King London.

Large round pewter serving plate. Three tax stamps on back, slightly faded, but appear to read Richard King London.

White dinner plate with pink, orange, and blue flowers around the outside edge. Center of plate is decorated with floral design of white/pink flowers In black ink on the backside is inscribed the p...

Indenture agreement between James Cooper Jr. and Thomas Potter.

December 15 1743

Land indenture agreement for Stephen Hookey of Newport, a shipwright, for a lot of land bounded by the harbor and Thames street for the sum of two hundred and fifty pounds. The document is witnesse...

A Rhode Island Military commission signed and sealed by Governor William Greene in 1743, possibly printed by Ann Franklin. Written for John Warner (Lieutentant) of Warwick; also signed by Secretary...

August 26 1741

Land indenture agreement for William Drake and his wife Ann Drake of Newport, for a lot of land for the sum of forty pounds. The document is witnessed by John Bennett and John Clarke, and is also s...

Miniature portrait of John Easton, Jr. stored in a blue fabric box. Easton had whitish-grey hair and is wearing a blue coat with a volumnious white scarf against a blue background. 
The case ...

Oval shaped brass badge (or buckle) with the RI symbol of an anchor in the center with 'Artill. Comp.' at the top and 'incorporated/ad 1741' at the bottom of the oval; brass is pitted on the back a...

Geometric border, floral pattern at top and central panel of stylized flowers. Stitches: cross, satin, rice. Made with silk thread on linen. Central floral motifs relates to those on samplers by Sa...

Letter book
circa 1740 – 1750

Letter book belonging to John Banister (1707-1767), Newport merchant. Includes copies of correspondence and an index of names. Front half of book is entitled "Copy Book of Letters/J:B./1748"; inclu...

Maple trundle bed that has been stained red; rope spring; wooden wheels; ball posts.

Maple trundle bed made to fit under another bed; rope springs; slanted side board; headboard. In 1998 bedding was in chest with ball feet.

Plain mourning ring as a gold band. Inside is engraved. Engraved: "AK obt April 12, 1740 AE 65". Also, "JT" enclosed in a circle on the inside of the band. Given to the honorable Daniel A. Updike, ...

Blue-white porcelain plate, blue overglaze design of bamboo, stairway, floral motifs. Brown glaze on rim. Supposedly brought from China by a member of Hadwen Family c. 1740, descended in Hadwen-Wil...

Long format, one alphabet sequence, one number sequence, one verse, three border patterns. Stitches: queen, eyelet, cross, tent. Verse on back. Design similar to samplers by Sarah Baley and Elizabe...

Portrait of John Potter (1716-1787) and his family, and a young boy, almost certainly enslaved. Half length portraits of four main figures, who are grouped around an oval tea table with a blue and ...

Tilt-top table owned by the Brenton family.

Model of slave ship made in 1740 by Joseph Thurston.

Table, Dining
1740 – 1760

Walnut Queen Anne dining table with two drop leaves and two swing legs; turned tapered legs ending in platform pad feet. Leaves corners are rounded off (this was probably done at a later date). Cha...

Purse made of wool yarn (crewel) on linen with Irish stitch, worked in pinks, yellows, and blues, olive lining. Long shape. Made in New England

Dining Table
1740 – 1760

Mahogany large-drop-leaf dining table in Queen Ann style; sharp kneed cabriole legs; pad feet; brass plate on top with provenance: "mahogany Dutch foot table/presented by/Miss Ellen Townsend/4th de...

Cup with handle with original owner's engraved initials on bottom: "W*C"; straight-sided with flared lip; molded applied base and handle. Marked with a "IT", but it looks as if it is struck over an...

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