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Portrait of George Champlin Mason (1820-1894). Bust portrait facing left, blondish-brown hair and mustache, blue eyes, wearing a white shirt, black jacket, bowtie and a maroon vest. Frame painted g...

Miniature brooch of George Champlin Mason cameo cut on a conch shell facing left. Sitting on red velvet behind a glass in ornate square gold frame. Cameo was cut on a Queen's conch shell, imported ...

Silhouette of Seth Hope Dean. Light colored paper cut out over black; facing left. Wearing small tie; tarnished gold frame on wood. Written across bottom of silhouette: "Seth H. Dean". On back: ...

May 12 1800

Profile bust in black and white; portrait of Christopher Grant Champlin. Profile bust in black and white; subject faces left; short hair on top, long in back and tied in bow; shirt ruffles protrude...

circa 1799

Tankard with engraved name: "b. Mason" in script on lid; eagle on body. Cylindrical tankard with attached lid and curved handle. Makers Mark of five markings on outside near handle. On underside of...

1794 – 1843

Silhouette of George Champlin Mason facing right, black and gold dressed in dress coat, surrounded by gold oval in square black frame. Written on back: "Geo. C. Mason, son of Dr. Banj. Mason, died...

1786 – 1840

Sepia-toned drawing of Hon. Christopher Grant Champlin, (1786-1840), facing right. Wearing white wig with pony tail, frilly collar and coat. Round drawing with white mat in square frame of dark w...

Order of the Cincinnatus insignia. Right-facing polychromed enamel eagle, attached to green and white ribbons with button attachment. Insignia was owned by George Champlin Mason, inherited by his s...

Miniature painting of Christopher Champlin (1731-1805). Profile of male with curly, dark, brown hair; blue eyes, white shirt with frills at the neck, black coat. Printed beneath portrait: "No. 20. ...

Silhouette of Mrs.Seth Hope Dean (Eliza. P. Dean). Light colored paper over black, facing right; hair piled on top of head with some drawn in, appears to be wearing a small cap; frilly collar. Sig...

Silhouette of woman facing left, wearing a bonnet with bow on top, prominent collar. Black on white, oval gold frame. Member of Mason Family.

Unknown silhouette of man facing left. Brown border over tan paper over pink silhouette. Rectangular gold frame with ornate corners.

Unknown silhouette of man facing right, wearing hat. Brown border over tan paper over pink silhouette. Rectangular gold frame with ornate corners.

Miniature painting of three-quarter profile of female with brown eyes, brown hair parted in middle, pulled back, falling in curls on shoulders and back, wearing beads in hair and white dress.

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