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Print, Photographic
September 1944

A photograph of Touro Park after the Great Atlantic Hurricane (1944). The Old Stone Mill is visible at left; two uprooted trees and several fallen branches are visible throughout. Three workers can...

Graduation photo of a Naval Class at the Naval Training Station. Graduates are arranged in rows, flanked on both sides by banners that read 'N.T.S Newport, 5th week, Co. 290.'

Photograph of a dance, with uniformed men and women in attendance. 

Photograph of a dinner banquet, with uniformed men and women in attendance. Handwriting above the image reads "Newport Rhode Island."

Photograph of a woman receiving an injection from another woman in a medical bay. Medical supplies can be seen on the dresser in the background.  

Photograph of two men in aviation gear, posing in front of a military plane. The plane is painted with eyes, and a mouth with sharp teeth on its nose. 

Photograph of two uniformed women, posing in front of a car.

Photograph of four uniformed women, posing in a row in front of a painted winter scene. They all wear trench coats, black leather satchels, and stiff caps with metal insignia on the front. 

Photograph of a uniformed man and woman, posing in front of a car. "J.C." is handwritten under the photo.

Photograph of a group of men and women in swimsuits and towels at the beach.

Photograph of a group of men and women in fatigues, standing on a beach in front of a parked car.

Photograph of two uniformed personnel, standing on a beach.

Handwritten below the photograph, beneath the man on the left, is "Lee." Below the man on the right is "Ed."

Print of the Pitt's Head tavern, as seen from its prior location on Charles Street. The description of the property reads "A Colonial coffee house of Pre-Revolutionary fame in Newport was Pitt's He...

Photographic print of damage wrought by the Hurricane of 1944. The image depicts an upturned tree next to the Old Stone Mill or Newport Tower in Touro Park. Children can be seen climbing the roots ...

A color postcard depicting an aerial view of Bailey's Beach and the Spouting Rock Beach Association's clubhouse and cabanas. Almy Pond is visible at upper right; Crossways and High Tide (houses) ar...

A World War II-era heavyweight legging, most likely belonging to U.S. Navy officer Alfred Bryan. Made of a light brown canvas-like fabric. Laces are woven through metal eyelets and hooks. A heavywe...

A World War II-era heavyweight legging, most likely belonging to U.S. Navy officer Alfred Bryan. Made of a brown canvas-like fabric. Laces are woven through metal eyelets and hooks. A heavyweight f...

Black and white photograph of Mary Galvin, an elderly woman, standing on the front steps of a home. She is wearing a long white dress with black shoes. Handwritten in ink at top of photo is "Mary G...

business card
1942 – 1946

A business card for "Joseph N. Stanley/Councilman". Text below name reads: "Chief Gunners Mate, Ret./United States Navy" and "101 Kay Street/Newport, R.I.". Mr. Stanley was a councilman for the Thi...

1941 – 1945

A pair of navy blue wool trousers that are part of a U.S. Navy dress uniform. Bell bottom cut. Flap at front closes with 13 buttons (with anchors). Two welted pockets at waistband, one with zipper....

1941 – 1945

The top to a U.S. Navy dress jumper from World War II. Made of navy blue wool. Welted front pocket at right front has a yoke across chest and a patch with a gold eagle emblem. Three rows of twill t...

Photograph of the west side of Second Street looking south from Elm Street in Newport. A woman is walking on the sidewalk, and a car is in the street.

Dark blue horsehair pillbox hat trimmed with grosgrain bows and basket woven applied elements. Interior is trimmed with a grosgrain ribbon.

Lapel Pin
1940 – 1950

Pin from the Rhode Island Civil Defense. Circular blue pin with white triangle and red CD inside. 

Black and white photograph of Bill Russo smoking while looking over sheet music. Reverse of photo has written in pencil, "Bill Russo jazz musician and composer and friend of Elaine Lorillard."

1940 – 1950

Brown felt with ostrich plume. 

Photograph of naval servicemen marching in a parade. Houses and businesses are visible in the background, including a building with a sign reading "GREETING CARDS."

Photograph of a marching band playing in a parade procession. All musicians are wearing a uniform with a cap. Signage on a building behind a row of spectators reads "GREETING CARDS."

Female Navy servicewomen marching in a parade. Signage on buildings behind a row of spectators reads "GREETING CARDS" and "LAUNDRY."

Photograph of three altar boys in a procession on an unidentified street. Two are holding candles, and one is holding a tall cross. A man wearing a surplice can be seen behind them towards left.

1938 – 1950

Small black felt brim off the face with persion lamb facing. 

1938 – 1950

Fitted black felt hat with rhinestone clip and black plume. 

1935 – 1946

Poster: 3-color with half tone of clown (head and shoulders). Text: Gorman Bros. Circus featuring Poodles Hanneford and famous familymstar of screen and circus, Newport, RI

1935 – 1946

Poster advertising Gorman Bros. Circus. 3-color with half-tone photo of six people, 5 horses; people in formal costume, central figure (Hanneford) in raccoon coat. Text reads: Gorman Bros/Circus/fe...

1935 – 1946

Poster, 3-color on poster board advertising the Gorman Bros. Circus and Rodeo at Beattie park. Half-tone image of cowboy on horse, holding steer by tail.

Family photo album of Margaret Ballard, sister of Locket Ford Ballard Sr., and aunt of Locket Ford Ballard, Jr. The photographs range from 1934 to 1944 and show the daily life, travels and acquaint...

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