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circa 1884

Lithograph, "Perry's Victory on Lake Erie". Also reads: "represents the position of the two fleets at the moment when the 'Niagara' is pushing through the enemy's line, pouring her thunder upon the...

Lithograph of Newport, RI, in 1730; 19th century copy of 18th century over mantel painting by unknown artist. Shows view of Newport shoreline, wharves and harbor from Fort George, Goat Island. Engl...

August 28 1880

Lithograph published in Harper's Weekly on August 28, 1880, showing the Newport Casino, as drawn by C. Graham. The scene depicted shows a number of horse drawn carriages with drivers, carrying pass...

Lithograph of The Yacht Squadron At Newport. Sailboats, row boats and 1 steamboat under gray sky. Gives names of sailboats below. Wood frame. Published By Currier and Ives, New York.

"Lovell General Hospital, USA, Portsmouth Grove, RI/View from Dyer's Island" shoreline on foreground, catboat "Hope" at anchor; other small craft and steamer "Perry" in mid-ground. Hospital complex...

"We have met the enemy and they are ours" "Photograph by Stimpson" "Entered acording to Act of Congress in the year 1859 by T. Jones & Sons in the Clerks Office of the District Court of the Nor...

circa 1855

Pastel print above title and explanation: "First Landing of Americans in Japan Under Commodore M. C. Perry at Gore-hama, July 14, 1853." print is in a black frame, glazed. Published by E. Brown, Jr...

circa 1855

Lithograph "Landing of Commodore Perry, Officers and Men of the Squadron". Pastel print above title and explanation: landing of Commodore Perry, officers and men of the squadron to meet the imperia...

circa 1855

Lithograph of Passing the Rubicon. Pastel print above title and explanation: "Lieut. S. Bent in the 'Mississippi's' first cutter forcing his way through a fleet of japanese boats while surveying th...

circa 1854

Lithograph "Exercise of Troops in Temple Grounds, Simoda, Japan" pastel print above title and explanation: "in presence of the imperial commissioners, June 8, 1854. To Commodore M.C. Perry, officer...

circa 1853

Lithograph "Return Of Commodore Perry, Officers And Men Of The Squadron" print is in pastel colors above title and description: "From an official visit to the Prince Regent at Shui, Capital of Lew ...

circa 1852

Lithograph of cutter "Maria" is on the right, another cutter is in the upper left half, and a rowboat is in the left foreground. Five men are on "Maria", 7 on the other cutter, and 6 in the rowboat...

Color lithograph print of the Redwood Library, drawn by James Stevens, civil engineer, and engraved by W.D. Terry. 

A lithographic print featuring a small house located in a large yard. There are many trees on the lawn. In the background a sailboat and other houses are visible. A fence surrounds the house. There...

Color drawing of the area surrounding Gray Craig estate in Middletown. Shows the Atlantic Ocean, Hanging Rock Road, Second Beach, Sachuest Point, Bird Sanctuary, Gray Craig, Tea Garden, St. George'...

Lithograph: "Ocean House", T. Sinclairs lith: Phila. On stone by John Collins. Newport and its scenery.

Lithograph portrait of Henry Collins holding a piece of paper in one hand while the other rests on the desk. He was one of the committee members who helped erect the Seventh Day Baptist Church, own...

Lithograph, "State House and Parade."


Lithographic print of the Old Stone Mill; three cows in right foreground; congregational church and fort on Goat Island in background.

Lithograph of Ida Lewis in a rowboat; brightly colored. Ida is wearing a bright orange skirt. Wood frame with carved leaf in each corner, white mat with thin blue line.

Drawn outline of the "Aloha". Vital statistics of the ship are taped on the back. Double matted, wood frame. Drawn by Ronald R. Moore and lithographed by Trevvit, Christian & Company.

Black and white lithograph of Capt. John Paul Jones in navy uniform, coat is unbuttoned; black had. Left hand rests on tip of boat (?), telescope lays across right arm. Burning ship in right backgr...

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