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before 1936

A linen-type postcard depicting a view from the Cliff Walk. Caption reads: "THE CLIFFS, ALONG THE CLIFF WALK, NEWPORT, R.I." The reverse has a handwritten message and is postmarked July 7, 1936.

A photograph of houses on Levin Street, looking west. The steeple of St. Mary's Church is visible in the background; an automobile can be seen at far right. Photograph by Jonas Bergner (1859-1936).

A sepia tone photograph of Newport Hospital nursing staff. The seven women at center are in nursing uniforms, including starched hats and white high-collared dresses. The woman at far left wears ...

September 1936

Linen-type postcard, color illustration of the surf along Clff Walk the Duke Estate in Newport, R.I. The back contains a note from Joy, U.E. to Carfman, H.E., Mr.

Photographic print of the business at Farewell Street and Broadway. Several automobiles are parked outside the storefronts.

circa 1936

This is a map of major roads and highways in Connecticut in 1936.

circa 1936

This is a map drawn by Phillips Booth, showing Rhode Island's South County, its towns and places of interest. It was drawn for Rhode Island's tercentennial as a visitor's guide. 

circa 1936

A postcard depiciting a drawing of the Seventh Day Baptist Meeting House. The Colony House is visible in the background. Drawing by Lloyd Manuel, 1936. Drawing uses major elements of an earlier ...

circa 1936

Framed pastel showing boats view approaching a commercial wharf. Possibly of the Newport side of the Jamestown Ferry Dock. Artist is questionable.

Sampler commemorating Rhode Island's tercentennial. Shows various buildings in Newport: Colony House in center, Brick Market in lower left corner, Redwood Library in lower right corner -- all surro...

Memorial Day Parade on Thames Street in Newport, Rhode Island in 1936. Children's band marches down street in miliary uniforms. On the street are signs for Royal Spa and Cannevin & Potter.

Photograph album of the Jelke and Boyd family vacation to Northern Europe (Russia, Scandinavia, and England) in 1936. The first part of the album contains street scenes, palaces, and groups around ...

Postcard of the Redwood Library's front entrance. This postcard was reprinted for the Tercentary Committee in 1936. The back fetures a description of the Redwood Library's architecture "from a pamp...

A postcard depicting a color illustration of Purgatory Chasm in Middletown. Reverse states: "Reproduced 1936 for Newport County Tercentenary Commitee by A.H.G. Ward."

A color postcard depicting a 19th century view of the Old Stone Mill. The illustration appears to be a hand-tinted engraving; it is a reproduction of an image "From a pamphlet printed around 1860....

A Christmas card from William and Anne Vanderbilt. Printed on inside and outside with an illustration of two elephants in winter clothing on a sled.

A color postcard depicting a 19th century view of the Old Stone Mill. The illustration appears to be a hand-tinted engraving; it is a reproduction of an image "From a pamphlet printed around 1860."...

A color postcard depicting an engraving of Washington Square (c. 1860). The postcard was printed to commemorate Newport's tercentenary. Subjects include the Colony House, Mall, Washington Square,...

Light blue ribbon with gold writing "1636 Direct Descendant of Roger Williams 1936" with gold pin.

Square souvenir silk scarf celebrating the city of Newport's tercentenary. Newport buildings line the scarf's border. The scarf is hand-hemmed on 3 stars.


Wooden sign with frame. Sign is painted with a light beige color, the frame with a faded pink color in the upper center of the sign is a circular plague (made of pewter) which says around the edges...

Pageant at Coaster's Harbor Island 1936

1935 – 1946

Poster: 3-color with half tone of clown (head and shoulders). Text: Gorman Bros. Circus featuring Poodles Hanneford and famous familymstar of screen and circus, Newport, RI

1935 – 1946

Poster advertising Gorman Bros. Circus. 3-color with half-tone photo of six people, 5 horses; people in formal costume, central figure (Hanneford) in raccoon coat. Text reads: Gorman Bros/Circus/fe...

1935 – 1946

Poster, 3-color on poster board advertising the Gorman Bros. Circus and Rodeo at Beattie park. Half-tone image of cowboy on horse, holding steer by tail.

Family photo album of Margaret Ballard, sister of Locket Ford Ballard Sr., and aunt of Locket Ford Ballard, Jr. The photographs range from 1934 to 1944 and show the daily life, travels and acquaint...

circa 1930 – 1960

Pillbox hat comprised of maroon and pink velvet gathered into an asymetrical silhouette. Hat interior features black netting and two combs affixed at the left and right of the hat.

circa 1930 – 1960

Pillbox hat made of navy, hunter green, and deep turquoise velvet sewn in layers with a rosette at the peak of the crown and two gathered layers comprising the lower layers. The interior is reinfor...

circa 1930 – 1940

Circular light brown fur hat with an open center and interior applied bow. The hat features a band which is comprised of a ribbed pile fabric. The interior tag reads: "Union Made 128681 IN U.S.A 6".

circa 1930 – 1940

Cloche made of green woolen felt, the exterior is covered with green fur-like pile fabric. The front of the cloche features a blue ostrich feather garnished with smaller green and blue feathers and...

circa 1930 – 1944

Linen-type postcard of Beacon Rock. The code "4A-H1500" appears in lower right corner. On reverse is a note addressed to Mrs. Allen Phelps.

circa 1930 – 1944

Linen-type postcard of The Breakers. The mark "E-6226" appears in the lower right corner. The reverse has a note to Clifford Dubois II from "Daddy". Postcard is postmarked Apr 28, 1949.

A photograph of the Barker Paint & Wallpaper storefront (Spring Street), illuminated at night. Signage at the bottom of the window reads "IMPORTED DOMESTIC WALLPAPERS"; merchandise in the windo...

Print, Photographic
circa 1930 – 1950

Black and white photograph of Newport Harbor. Description on front of photo is "Busy Newport Harbor in 1940s with nested Navy ships and large private yachts. Collection of Historical Society." Ther...

1930 – 1944

Color postcard of Washington Square facing towards the Colony House. Back side has divided back and is not used. 

Black chiffon dress with ruching on front of bodice. Natural waist comes to a slight point. Metal zipper closure on back, placing the dress between 1930 and 1960. Brottom trimmed in 7 in. lcae. Nar...

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