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Photographic print
November 12 1928

Photographic print of the Armistice Day procession in Newport on November 12, 1928. The procession includes veterans of the Spanish-American war.

Navy blue guest ribbon with decorative circle top piece, bold writing. Circle top piece has white button with black writing. "1778-1928/ 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Rhode Island, Butts Hill,...

A glass plate negative of spectators watching several men climbing a ladder to the roof of the United Congregational Church, Spring Street. Light handwriting (possibly pencil) on surface of negativ...

Photographic print of an early school bus. The photograph depicts an automobile with "Jamestown Schools" painted on its side, stationed outside of a building.

A photograph of John Clarke School's class of 1928. Students are shown seated and standing in front of a brick building, most likely the Clarke School.

Small circular silver medal with an anchor, a shield, a lamp, and the ocean. The 
King's Medal for Scholarship from the Senior Grammar School in 1928. The front reads: "The King's Medal for S...

Maple Windsor chair with painted black; arch back chair; legs, stretchers and front three spindles are turned; 13 spindles total; saddle seat.

1928 – 1933

Clear glass bottle, held one quart liquid, 5 cent store bottle, 'Rector-Houlihan-Jessey Newport Creamery', raised lines around neck of bottle. Marked with '5' on bottom of bottle, 'RI Bb Seal' on n...

Two bottles, each has label 'Logler V. Helgesen, Dispensing Chemists, 128 Broadway, Newport, RI, successors to David J. Byrne.

White mesh Dutch Volendam cap, heavily starched. Made from machine lace.

Red, white and blue swallow tail ribbon, white pin marked 'Guest' is centered on a red rosette; gold text on ribbon reads: 'Dedication/ Of/ Commodore/ Oliver Hazard Perry/ Monument/ Rhode Island/ S...

Blue swallow tail ribbon w/ round white pin marked 'Guest' centered on a blue rosette; gold text on ribbon reads: '1778-1928/ 150th/ Anniversary/ Of The/ Battle Of/ Rhode Island/ Butt's Hill/ Ports...

Blue swallow tail ribbon w/ gold rosette around white pin marked 'Committee'; Gold Text On Ribbon Reads: '1778-1928/ 150th/ Anniversary/ Of The/ Battle Of/ Rhode Island/ Butt's Hill/ Portsmouth RI/...

A photograph of the De La Salle Academy faculty and student body from 1928. The all-male group features children and adults sitting and standing in horizontal rows. The photo was taken outside in f...

Black and white photograph of the interior of the theatre at the Casino, now the Tennis Hall of Fame. Image shows stage with piano, seats, and balcony.

1926 – 1936

Red cosmetic compact from the House of Tre-Jur, Inc. The top left corner features the Tre-Jur logo of a bonneted woman using a compact. The bottom right corner is stamped with Tre-Jur as well as th...

Newpaper clippings related to the 1924-1925 Rogers High School Basketball Team, including their 1957 Reunion.

1923 – 1963

A scrapbook of the life and family of Mrs. John A. Edes [Dorothy Malzacher]. Starting in 1923 with her reign as Miss Newport, the scrapbook continues compiling newspaper clippings and cards from he...

Tourist pamphlet for Newport, RI. Front cover features title above drawing of patrons at Newport Beach. Inside details other tourist destinations in Newport with information as well as popular even...

Name Plate
1920 – 1966

Name plate for a door -- curvy rectangular metal frame with two screw holes. Rectangular plate with white background and blue letters reading "J.S. DEBLOIS." 

1920 – 1935

Dairy type, clear, with embossed lettering on front, back, neck and bottom. Embossed on front: 'Aquidneck/ Dairymen's/ Ass'n. Inc/ Newport, R.I./ Registered'. Embossed around neck: 'Aquidneck'. Emb...

1920 – 1937

Dairy type, white, ribbed neck, embossed label inlaid circle. Two circles on both sides of neck with letters. Embossed letters on back and bottom. Embossed inside pressed circle: 'J.P. Fritz/ Islan...

1920 – 1937

Half pint dairy, clear, embossed on one side, scalloped edged ribbed neck, embossed circle on bottom. Embossed side: 'half Pint Liquid/ Island Creamery/ Newport RI/ embossed inside pressed circle, ...

Flat rectangular hinged silver change purse with chain handle; spring loaded holders for nickels and dimes; snap catch; raised floral design on lid.

1920 – 1940

A half pint bottle for milk or cream. On side: "Half Pint/Tmfc. Co/14." on back side of bottle: "Mass/T/Seal"

1920 – 1940

A quart milk bottle from the Aquidneck Dairy, Newport, RI. Around neck of bottle: "Aquidneck/Aquidneck/Dairymen's/Ass'n., Inc./Newport, RI/Registered." on bottom: "TMFC Co."

Bed cover, ecru lace, netting and embroidered panels with various floral motifs. Body of piece has central panel, embroidered, encircled with lace panel. Several other, smaller panels also on body...

circa 1915 – 1930

A color postcard of Beacon Hill House; caption reads "RESIDENCE OF COMMODORE JAMES, NEWPORT, R.I." No marks or writing appear on reverse.

circa 1915 – 1928

A color postcard of St. Joseph's Church. Two reversed postmarks appear on the front. The number "108772" appears in the lower right corner. Ink handwriting appears on the reverse, with a reference ...

circa 1915 – 1930

Postcard of St. Augustin Church (labeled as "St. Augustine" in the caption), located on Eastnor Road in Newport. The number "34676" appears in the lower right corner. No writing or other marks appe...

circa 1915 – 1930

A color postcard with a white border depicting Marble House and its entrance drive. No writing is on reverse. Caption refers to the house as "MARBLE PALACE."

circa 1915 – 1930

Postcard of the Cliff Walk near Ochre Point. Gateposts to The Breakers can be seen at far left; a description of the image is printed on reverse.

1915 – 1930

Postcard with color image of Bellevue Avenue in Newport, R.I. Reverse side is blank with short description of front image in the top left corner.

1915 – 1930

Postcard with color image of Newport Beach, a large crowd is visible. The reverse side is blank.

1915 – 1930

Postcard with color image of the roller coaster at Newport Beach. Reverse side is blank.

1915 – 1930

Postcard with color image of Newport Beach pavilion with crowd visible. Reverse is blank.

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