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A gold ring with a raised, oval-shaped, transcluscent stone. Shoulders of ring have a serpentine design near setting. Possibly from Blaine's, a jewler on Thames Street.

A gold ring with a teardrop-shaped setting. Stone is most likely a garnet, topped by a smaller stone (most likely a diamond). A thin band, located under the shank, was probably added to make the ri...

Small round silver ring.

Small round silver ring.

Ring: gold band, center sapphire surrounded by eight blue/gray pearls. Two smaller sapphires flank the center stone and are each set next to a pearl. The ring is kept in an ivory box. Inscribed on ...

Thin, simple gold band.Tiny linear scores around the exterior circumference of the band.

10K gold ring with smooth, plain sides: 8 panels around the face of the ring. Center is black with a carved-out image of a man wearing a hat, sitting on a rock, holding a fishing rod. Fish in lower...

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