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Piece of black lace.

before 1941

Buttonhook, metal, shaped like an axe; stamped on ax-head is word "Seabury", and on the blade the words "Boots and Shoes". An oval opening at the end of he handle is the buttonhook itself.

Purple ribbon attached to a pin depicting two American flags. In gold lettering on the ribbon is the words 'Participant, Track-field Meet, Freeboby Stadium, Newport, RI. July 4, 1949'.

June 2 1947

Grocery receipt from Jas. H. Drury & Co. For $22.70 for Mrs. M. Brown. When receipt was issued, Mrs. Brown lived at 20 Bull Street, Newport. Jas H. Drury & Co. Sold fancy and staple grocer...

Testimonial to Archibald B. Coggeshall signed by 74 associates. The testimonial was in recognition of his service to the government on his retirement as Supervisor of Planners and Estimators at the...

Basic Mileage Rations A. Belonged to Margaret W. Brown. Six A17 stamps, six A16 stamps. Instructions included in book. '487429' stamped on cover. At time of issue Margaret Brown lived at 37 Bull St...

War ration book No. three belonged to Margaret Weaver Brown. Instructions for use on back. Four pages of stamps depicting canons, tanks, boats and planes. '627241 EV' stamped in red on front. Signe...

War ration book No. three. Instructions for use on back cover. Belonged to Suzanne Brown. Four pages of stamps depicting boats, planes, tanks and canons. '627242 EV' stamped in red on front, signed...

War ration book four belonged to Susan C. Weaver. Instructions for use on back cover. Five pages of stamps. '673165' stamped in red on front. Susan Chase Weaver lived at 37 Bull Street, Newport.

War ration book four. Belonged to Suzanne Brown. Instructions for use on back. Five pages of stamps. '673167' stamped in red on front, signed by Suzanne Brown. Suzanne Brown lived at 37 Bull Street...

War ration book four. Six pages of stamps (many stamps are gone). Stamps are for rationed food. Instructions for use on the back cover. Belonged to Margaret Brown. '673166' in red on cover. At time...

Rectangular brown leather ration book case with a small pouch in front for tokens, two brass snaps. In gold letters on case 'ration books' in golf letters on pouch 'tokens' and 'genuine leather'. 4...


August 15 1943

Broken champagne bottle wrapped in red, white and blue ribbons, mounted on wooden plaque. Plaque reads: "U.S.S. Newport, launched Aug. 15, 1943, by Walter Butler Shipbuilders Inc., Superior, Wis."

War ration book No. three belonged to Susan C. Weaver. Instructions for use on back. Four pages of stamps depicting canons, tanks, boats and planes. '627244 EV' stamped in red on cover. Signed by S...

April 17 1940

Blueprint by Fredrick Rhinelander King of Wyeth and King Architects, detailing new recesses for the proposed installation of the Stuart's George Washington portrait at the Colony House.

1920 – 1940

A half pint bottle for milk or cream. On side: "Half Pint/Tmfc. Co/14." on back side of bottle: "Mass/T/Seal"

1920 – 1940

A quart milk bottle from the Aquidneck Dairy, Newport, RI. Around neck of bottle: "Aquidneck/Aquidneck/Dairymen's/Ass'n., Inc./Newport, RI/Registered." on bottom: "TMFC Co."

Shop Sign
1910 – 1940

Sign for the "The Shamrock House/113 Touro Street". Rectangular sign has black lettering, 2 green shamrocks on each side of the word "House". One side also has "Rooms" crudely added. Trim is green ...

M. Stein's Cosmetic Co. grease paint stick.

20th century

Lady's necktie with pink embroidery. Made of muslin.

Stamp (tool)
20th century

Wooden stamp with a metal plate with an image of the Newport Historical Society Headquarters building from bottom of Touro Street.

White cotton petticoat, 5" up from hem are eyelets and embroidery, four vertical bands above this.

Cover, Cushion
1900 – 1950

Chair seat cover with six round scalloped designs, each centered with a different flower; center of canvas is a separate design; all these surrounded with a wreath design.

Pen, Fountain
1900 – 1950

Gold plated ladies pen w/checked design; ring and place for monogram at top.

1880 – 1989

Small fabric American flag. Details are painted on to blank fabric. The flag is enclosed between two pieces of glasses sealed with black tape around all four edges. On the back F.P. Gladding 188 is...

1856 – 1969

Two cylindrical wooden pencils, stained brown, unsharpened. Stamped with 940/Eagle School Slate/Eagle Pencil Co/New York.

93.21 AB
1850 – 1950

Late 19th or early 20th c. Toy ice wagon. White and blue body, black chasis, pulled by 2 brown horses with black manes and tails. Horses form one unit with front wheels. Black wheels attached to wa...

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