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A booklet detailing the construction of the Mount Hope Bridge, which was completed in 1929. Pages are made of (or appear as) blueprint paper. An image of the Bridge is affixed to the cover; title r...

The old Captain Maudsley House (Spring and John Streets).

Wanton Lyman Hazard House, Newport, RI.

Booklet with a collection of reviews mostly focusing on Grace George's directing of and performance in "The First Mrs. Fraser." Some reviews also mention other actors in the production as well as o...


1929 calendar with image of the Mt. Hope Bridge. Calendar is stapled to paper bearing a color image of the Bristol ferry and The Short Line bus (that runs between Newport and Providence) getting of...

Navy blue guest ribbon with decorative circle top piece, bold writing. Circle top piece has white button with black writing. "1778-1928/ 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Rhode Island, Butts Hill,...

Red, white and blue swallow tail ribbon, white pin marked 'Guest' is centered on a red rosette; gold text on ribbon reads: 'Dedication/ Of/ Commodore/ Oliver Hazard Perry/ Monument/ Rhode Island/ S...

Blue swallow tail ribbon w/ round white pin marked 'Guest' centered on a blue rosette; gold text on ribbon reads: '1778-1928/ 150th/ Anniversary/ Of The/ Battle Of/ Rhode Island/ Butt's Hill/ Ports...

Blue swallow tail ribbon w/ gold rosette around white pin marked 'Committee'; Gold Text On Ribbon Reads: '1778-1928/ 150th/ Anniversary/ Of The/ Battle Of/ Rhode Island/ Butt's Hill/ Portsmouth RI/...

August 21 1927

Providence Sunday Journal.

Acknowledgement of donation of 15 volumes of miscellaneous works to Redwood Library and Athenaeum from Lewis G. Morris. Signed by Roderick Terry, President.

June 26 1926

Silver President's Cup with engraving "President's Cup awarded to Stuart Duncan for Exhibit Of Strawberries" and "Gift Of Albert C. Burrage President Mass. Horticultural Society For The Most Merite...

1926 – 1936

Red cosmetic compact from the House of Tre-Jur, Inc. The top left corner features the Tre-Jur logo of a bonneted woman using a compact. The bottom right corner is stamped with Tre-Jur as well as th...

Black and white photo of "U.S.S. Constellation" moored at a dock. Names of carpenters written on mat. Note on back from Harold Dillon, Lt. Cdr. USN Ret., Chief Carpenter, to William Ragsdale about ...

March 13 1923

Very heavy electric iron, wooden handle, no cord. Marked with: "automatic iron/100-110volts 600 watts/s. No. 395664 type a pat. March 13, 23/ Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Co./... Mansfield, Ohi...

circa 1921

A printed image of the southwest facade of The Breakers. A parterre is visible at foreground; a pergola supported by columns at center is covered in vines. Image was most likely removed from a 1921...

Small trophy with two handles. Front is engraved with 'Green End Gun Club vs. Naval Officers Oct. 2 1920 won by Green End score 198.'

96.4. A-D
September 1920

Covered silver prize dish with lid, the Joseph Breck & Sons Prize. Engraved With "Newport Horticultural Society, Sept 1920, Joseph Breck & Sons Prize For Best Collection Of 12 Distinct Kind...

circa 1920

Black, charmeuese satin.

01.680 A
circa 1920

One masted catboat model with closed in deck. boat painted white with yellow trim and green below the waterline. Mast is set forward from boom.

1920 – 1940

A half pint bottle for milk or cream. On side: "Half Pint/Tmfc. Co/14." on back side of bottle: "Mass/T/Seal"

1920 – 1940

A quart milk bottle from the Aquidneck Dairy, Newport, RI. Around neck of bottle: "Aquidneck/Aquidneck/Dairymen's/Ass'n., Inc./Newport, RI/Registered." on bottom: "TMFC Co."

1910 – 1925

Green floor length dress made of lustrous green satin. Has both machine and hand stitching. Features a square neckline with several buttons at yoke. A belt is sewn on with fabric covered buttons. D...

Shop Sign
1910 – 1940

Sign for the "The Shamrock House/113 Touro Street". Rectangular sign has black lettering, 2 green shamrocks on each side of the word "House". One side also has "Rooms" crudely added. Trim is green ...

1909 – 1925

German bisque doll. Head is painted bisque, painted features; blond braided mohair wig. Body is all bisque. The clothes are blue and white checked dress, white organdy apron, fissuch, no shoes. Mar...

M. Stein's Cosmetic Co. grease paint stick.

1900 – 1925

Pair of men's golf trousers in the style of knickerbockers. Made from natural linen.

1900 – 1925

Black silk parasol, with wide black lace flounce. Curved wood stick; ivory comedia del'arte figure stuck on.

20th century

Lady's necktie with pink embroidery. Made of muslin.

Stamp (tool)
20th century

Wooden stamp with a metal plate with an image of the Newport Historical Society Headquarters building from bottom of Touro Street.

White cotton petticoat, 5" up from hem are eyelets and embroidery, four vertical bands above this.

Dark brown pair of shoes made from kid with black ribbon banding and a large black silk bow covering button and shoe strap, "Baby Louis" heels. Shoes by Thayer McNeil & Hodgkins from , 47 Templ...

Pink flowered taffeta ribbon Handkerchief Bag. Covered top and bottom, over cardboard, connected by gathered band or ribbon. Center is square with pink ribbon, Edges are slightly ruffled.

Cover, Cushion
1900 – 1950

Chair seat cover with six round scalloped designs, each centered with a different flower; center of canvas is a separate design; all these surrounded with a wreath design.

Pen, Fountain
1900 – 1950

Gold plated ladies pen w/checked design; ring and place for monogram at top.

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