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Paper grocery bag with black lettering: 'Julius Sayer, Wholesale & Retail Grocer, 207 Thames St., Directly Opposite Kinsley's Express Office, Newport, R.I. Constantly On Hand Every Description ...

before 1888

Brass nameplate fragment with part of the name "Bristol" cut stencil style through the plate. The "Bristol", a steamer in the Fall River Line, burned in Newport Harbor in 1888. This plate is dama...

October 8 1889

Commemorative ribbon, white on teal background, for the 24th Triennial Conclave, grand encampment of the Knights Templar. The top of the ribbon has a sequined star attached.

October 8 1889

White commemorative ribbon for the 24th Triennial Conclave of the Knights Templar from New Bedford, MA. The event was located in Washington, DC.

October 7 1889

Red commemorative ribbon for the 24th Triennial Conclave of the Knights Templar. The ribbon has a rendering of George Washington's profile in the middle and an ax on top.

Black commemorative ribbon with silver print for the 24th Triennial Conclave of the Knights Templar.

circa 1889

Light blue ink on white paper. One hundred of these certificates entitled you to Duke's Postage Stamp Album.

circa 1889

Engraving depicts a scene from the harbor of the Newport Club House of the New York Yacht Club; a crowd of people in boats and on decks. Possibly from The New York Magazine, Aug 31, 1889.

Pencil sketch of the sundial for John Austin Steven's House, RI, 1889.

Cigarette card in booklet form. The card opens up to a 1889 calendar with a blank memorandum page opposite the calendar. The front of the card reads 'without an equal, Consols, long Havana tobacco ...

Hand press for embossing 'Notary Public' seal on paper. Press is made of painted black metal with blue and gold detailing. Long curvilinear handle activates press for a round embossed seal. Round s...

Rosette in red, white and blue. Reverse is stamped, U.S. Patent 1888 France.

Fire hose reel with a heavy brass fitting designed to hold coiled rope or hose. From Fall River Line steamer "Bristol". Cast brass with star cut-out on front, four holes for screws on back. Inscr...

Fire ax, fire with an iron head, wooden handle. Head painted gold with "180(?)- 1888" handle painted "Str. Bristol". Once used as fire axe on the Bristol of the fall river line, this is now a comme...

Parasol of black ribbed silk, black stick with nickel shaft that pulls in and out. Round black handle. Marked on shaft "Patent Dec 27. 87"

September 10 1886

A Newport Casino program, printed for Friday, September 10, 1886. Published by A. Manton Chase, New York. Cover includes an illustration of the Casino's exterior, surrounded by scenes of sailing,...

March 24 1885

Many different patches of cloth stitched together with various embroidered designs. Has a scalloped border with lace trimming. "Crazy quilt" pattern. Made by Mrs. W. H. Marshal, Ogdensburg, NY, a...

White silk 'Re-Union July 4, 1884' ribbon with small metal pin. Black image of seal of Newport in the center.

July 4 1884

Beige ribbon w/ black Newport settlement seal, ribbon reads: 'Re-union July 4, 1884'; pin attached to ribbon.

circa 1884

Unknown silhouette of man facing left, black on light brown. White collar turned up; hair drawn in, nose appears chipped off. Square wood frame, gold paint chipped and faded. On back: "Presented by...

Relief portrait; male bust profile; faces left; wears glasses; shoulder length hair; beard around neck. Redwood Library has original bronze. Signed, "NOBLE 1884".

circa 1884

Lithograph, "Perry's Victory on Lake Erie". Also reads: "represents the position of the two fleets at the moment when the 'Niagara' is pushing through the enemy's line, pouring her thunder upon the...

Beige ribbon w/ scene of Old Stone Mill, ships, and hope sign; ribbon reads: 'Blaine & Logan Citizens Association, 1884'.

Lithograph of Newport, RI, in 1730; 19th century copy of 18th century over mantel painting by unknown artist. Shows view of Newport shoreline, wharves and harbor from Fort George, Goat Island. Engl...

December 4 1883

Doilies of linen squares, fringe on all sides. 2000.26.11-.16 are embroidered in green and orange. In middle of each doily is a turtle, text surrounds the turtle on four sides. 2000.26.17-.23 have ...

December 4 1883

Ten linen doilies of hemstitched and fringed linen. 2000.26.1-.4 are printed with the head of George Washington and text around all four sides. 2000.26.5-.10 are hand embroidered with the head of W...

"USS Minnesota" at sea; water looks choppy and dark along bottom of painting; clear, light-blue sky; another ship is in the background to the right; both ships carrying US flag at the rear end of t...

Silver pocket watch, cross-hatched design w/ stylized design on front center; white face roman numerals; inscribed "Edmund Taylor/ Gould Island/ Xmas '82". Made by the A.W. Company, Waltham, MA.

Sheet music cover to 'The Newport Horse Trot' by Zoel J. Parenteau. Cover depicts a woman in orange gown and large hat leading a man by a rope around his neck.

November 6 1880

Piece of steamer "Rhode Island", wrecked on Bonnet Pt., RI, on the morning of Nov. 6, 1880. Light colored wood with carving on top.

circa 1880 – 1915

Black and white photomechanical print produced by the Mercury Publishing Company, Newport. Shows Touro Street, Opera House, Perry House, Statue of Oliver Hazard Perry, and Washington Square.

Black gabardine mantle. Fringe, bias silk bands, lace.

circa 1880

Lady's small sailor hat made of fancy straw with pale blue ribbon.

1880 – 1989

Small fabric American flag. Details are painted on to blank fabric. The flag is enclosed between two pieces of glasses sealed with black tape around all four edges. On the back F.P. Gladding 188 is...

1880 – 1899

Dark blue, velvet bonnet. Trimmed with black satin ribbon. May be used for pageants.

99.3.109 AB
1880 – 1910

Bodice (a) and skirt (b) of printed silk. Cream colored ground with printed blue, purple, and yellow flowers and green foliage and woven circular design. S curve patterned lace inserts on front and...

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