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Testimonial of honor given to Robert D. Coggeshall for his service to his country during the Civil War. Signed by Edward C. Manron, adjutant general and A. Burnside, governor. A portrait of Coggesh...

Silver commerative medal in an anchor shape.. Front reads, "Here I came to an anchor" and the back reads, "Sterling. A remembrance to Ida Lewis the saver of many lives.

A ticket for steamship passage issued by the Narragansett Steamship Company/Fall River Line to Ida Lewis. The ticket is designated as "Complimentary," and was valid through December 31, 1869.

01.933 AB
Stamp, Notary
1869 – 1889

Two parts of a seal embosser. It reads, "Francis Brinley/Newport, RI/Notary Public" Made in Newport.

1869 – 1889

Appears to be 1/2 of a seal embosser. Marked with "Francis Brinley/State Of Rhode Island/A Commissioner of Deeds For The State of Rhode Island, City and County of Newport". Made in Newport.

1869 – 1889

Appears to be the top of a testimonial weight (?)."Francis Brinley/State of Rhode Island/A Commissioner of Deeds For The State of Rhode Island, City and County of Newport". Made in Newport.

Sun Compass
after 1869

Small sundial and compass in hinged wooden case. Belonged to Ida Lewis; acquired with other Ida Lewis memorabilia.

Beaded 19th century style furniture set in a circle on a brown rug with flowered pattern. Sits on a wooden base and is covered by a glass dome. Furniture is made of light blue and maroon beads; yel...

August 24 1867

Print engraving of illustration from Harper's Weekly of the Old Stone Mill, titled "The Round Tower of Newport". The engraving is taken from a photo by Rockwood of NYC.

Wedding Dress
April 11 1867

White satin wedding gown (now slightly yellowed) with a very long train. Eleven pearl buttons down front of dress. Belt with satin flower and pearl. Satin ruffle along lower arms. Braided trim arou...

circa 1867

American flag with 37 stars, possibly made of silk. The stars appear to be gilt, arranged in 6 rows and 6 columns with one star floating in the middle of the blue field. Flag is attached to wooden ...

1867 – 1890

Ladies white day cap, trimmed with lace. Cap unfolds to form one flat piece. Carelessly made, probably for costume, but good style.

1867 – 1888

Large brass key used for state room on the steamer 'Bristol'. Key was for room #123. The 'Bristol' was launched in 1867; it had 220 state rooms; it burned at long wharf in December 1888.

Oil lamp has jug-type base to hold the oil. Appears to be made in two pieces with glass handle. The metal part that holds the wick that goes into the oil reservoir. Also has a screw to adjust wic...

Gold plated pocket watch with white face, roman numerals, and a second hand. A shield is depicted on the back cover, along with what may be three initials etched inside the shield. A crown above a ...

Ruffle iron: metal iron in two parts. Corrugated metal roller has metal handle and hook for lifting base on and off stove to be heated. Iron base has corrugated surface, and is embossed on bottom: ...

circa 1865

White cotton sheeting nightgown. Machine edging, simulating tatting. Machine stitching. pearl buttons. Same as D345 and D346.

circa 1865

White cotton sheeting nightgown. Hamburg edging; machine stitching. Opens top to bottom with pearl buttons. 3/4 length.

circa 1865

White, cotton nightgown. Edging of woven dimity. Striped simulating pleating. China buttons, top to bottom, 3/4 length. Handmade.

circa 1865

White and black check taffeta coat with no waist or skirt.

circa 1865 – 1875

Bottle green, silk bodice. High neck with long sleeves. Large and strong. Skirt is missing.

circa 1865

"Frozen Charlotte" doll with a glazed china head with blue eyes with red line. Body is all china. The clothes are a tucked dimity dress; of shoulder petticoat. Possible made in Germany.

Black and white drawing depicts the steamboat "Newport". A buoy floats in the corner of the picture and a small sailing ship sails off the bow. At the right reads: "Newport: Built 1865 at Greenpoin...

Olive-green colored flask with tapered body covered with leather. Cover has one continuous seam around all sides. A loop on each side, a loop on the bottom. Marked with "A" and "N 122".

1865 – 1870

Blue and brown striped taffeta. Low neck, short sleeves, round waist. Skirt is missing.

Drawing of steamboat, the "Newport", in black ink. Small sailing ship off starboard bow. Drawing is matted in white and in a black frame. Drawing is paired with #01.701. The framer for both was J...

circa 1864

Small, leather bound Episcopal prayer book; covers have embossed cross. Front cover and spine are stamped "prayer" in gold. Coat of arms on back leaf: shield with greyhounds & fleurs-de-lis u...

A portrait drawing depicting an unidentified woman wearing spectacles and a brooch at her neck. Image appears to be rendered in black and white chalk. Signed at bottom right: "F. Augustus Peckham/1...

1863 – 1921

Head is made of bisque with light brown hair with braid across the top. Hair is human. Brown, stationary, glass eyes. Open mouth with two teeth. Ears are slightly pierced. The body is cloth with me...

A portrait drawing depicting an unidentified man wearing a coat, shirt, and necktie. Image appears to be rendered in black and white chalk. Signed at bottom right: "F. A. Peckham/1862 [possibly 188...

Two hanging flower bowls in rococo style with gilded scroll banding; decorated with three panels filled with polychrome floral decoration. Made by Stevenson and Hancock, derby. Blue maker's marks.

Menu for Atlantic House Hotel from 1861. has been at Museum of Newport History since 1985. Provenance information is incomplete.

Green book, blank pages filled with a variety of wax seals all labeled Katie Hunter 7/8/1861 N.P.R.I..

1861 – 1865

Ink wash of "US General Hospital, Portsmouth, RI" J. Baker, J.M. Tabor Jr.

Card, Souvenir
1861 – 1865

Set of ten (10) lithographed cards in a decorated cardboard envelope with thumb tabs. All cards are the same except one double card. Includes scenes of: Easton's Beach, Old Stone Mill, Redwood Libr...

September 29 1860

Print from Harper's Weekly, "Coming Home from Newport".

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