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before 1833

Full length silhouette of woman (Sarah) facing right. Dressed in 19th century style with long dress, hair up in bun, holding a fan. Black on light paper, no frame. Written on back in pencil: "Befor...


Military shako style hat. Leather with brass badge over visor. Same as D270, but brass is more tarnished. No. 322 removed. Made by Edward Barr of Providence.

Small baby pillow with tassles at each of the four corners. Beads are applied to read, "Welcome Little Stranger 1838." On reverse beads spell the monogram "FMS."

Star-shaped pincushion with four points and tassels on the corners. Pins spell "Welcome Little Stranger 1838", on reverse the initials "FMS" can be seen. Reference: Swan "Plain And Fancy"

Calendar with male and female figures, animals, boats, plants, and various dates. Calendar can be understood by reading the numbers under the first letter of the month for every month September thr...

Four cross stitched alphabet sequences, one number sequence, cross stitch border, large, square done in pale pastel colors. Sampler is made with silk thread on linen. Made by Cynthia Maria Coggesha...

1837 – 1876

Watercolor on paper of Newport Beach by Felix Augustus Peckham, b. 1837, d. 1876.

Three alphabet sequences, one number sequence, large floral border, two scenic panels, house with yard, three baskets of flowers, one verse. Stitches used: cross and embroidery. Made with silk thre...

Horizontal format, central eight line verse, floral border (light blue). Completed by Mary E. Forbes at age 11. Silk thread on linen.

D310 AB
circa 1835

Lady's kid gloves, white with blue satin trim. Sprig of flowers in green and blue on back. Blue satin wrist bands.

Short infant's dress in lavender and white calico. trimmed with points. Some trimming or puffing has been removed from puff sleeves.

1835 – 1845

White muslin collar with elaborate embroidery, lace edge.

A child's stationery box that opens to reveal a miniature pen, letter opener, and sealing wax. Several types of paper and a small stamped envelope (reading "SURPRISE/PARIS") are stored in interior ...

A color print depicting Washington Square, looking west. The Colony House is visible at left; the Zion Episcopal (St. Joseph's) Church (1835) and the Oliver Hazard Perry House are visible on Touro ...

House in center, embroidered flowers and trees, three alphabet sequences, pastel colors. Large format. Verse reads, "Beauty's a fading flower" Stitches used include cross and whip. Signature: marke...

Wheelbarrow (fragment): wooden barrow in poor condition, most of upper framework missing. Painted panel reads: "This Barrow was built/for/ Robert S. Barker/ the Grocer in the Year 1834/ by William ...

Tombstone on which is engraved, "Hannah Gould, Died 1832"

Newport, Rhode Island, drawn by G. Wall, engraved and printed by Fenner, Sears, and Co.

Print of Newport featuring windmill and Newport Harbor.

circa 1830

Cream colored cashmere, or fine twilled wool, waistcoat. Whitish clear buttons down front, two pockets and one breast pocket, buckles in back, pleated back.

circa 1830

Coin silver small eyeglasses, oval lenses, "c" bridge, and pin slider temple. "30" on hinge end of left temple bar. Tarnished metal is probably silver.

circa 1830

Biedermeier-type china head; painted blue eyes; bald painted head. Cloth body with wooden legs & forearms, spoon hands with indicated fingers. Doll is wearing a white cotton skirt with blue flo...

circa 1830

Clear glass bottle, cylindrical body with long sloping shoulders, long neck with flange, pontil mark, slight kick.

circa 1830

Striated aqua-colored glass, applied lip. Probably used to hold a condiment such as hot sauce.

circa 1830

Model of sloop packet "Aid". Single masted, rigged with a diagonally striped foresail and mainsail. Short bowsprit. Raised stern. Painted white cabin with green roof and two windows on side. R...

1830 – 1840

White muslin collar. Large with a wide shoulder effect. Elaborate embroidery with pointed scallop edging.


Lady's daytime cap in white cotton. Embroidered net insertion edged with quarter inch ruffle of the material.

1830 – 1860

Teapot with flared handle, four raised ridges, stand is dented. Could be English or American.

Purse made of merino on linen with Irish stitch in flame pattern, silk braid border, canvas shows through in spots. Made in New England.

1830 – 1860

Bell shaped lamp with a circular handle. For burning fluid, not whale oil. Burning fluid is a mix of alcohol and turpentine patented in 1830.

Urn, Coffee
1825 – 1865

Earthenware silver luster coffee urn; smooth except for bead-like band around rim of pot; has spout, handle and lid.

Bowl, Sugar
1825 – 1865

Earthenware sliver luster oval sugar bowl with gadrooned bottom and cover.

Pitcher, Cream
1825 – 1865

Earthenware silver luster creamer. Gadrooned bottom.

1820 – 1850

Doll's head is papier-mache with a painted face, round blue eyes, hair is is coiffure with 2 brushed loops. Head is dated from 1830. Limbs are spoon hands, with yellow painted flat feet. Clothing i...

1820 – 1830

Eyeglasses with small oval lenses and straight adjustable temple bars of metal, possibly a silver alloy. Marked on outside of left bar the number '28', on inside of right bar near hinge 'N. Olmsted'.

1820 – 1840

Yellow sleeveless waistcoat with six bronze round buttons, three pockets.

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