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1779 – 1849

Silhouette of Daniel Coggeshall (1779-1849) facing right; hair in short ponytail, high collar with frilly front, dark coat. Tan paper on lighter backing. Dark wood frame. Marked on lower left corne...

Chart of Rhode Island harbor and Narragansett Bay also shows notes, references. "chart of the Harbour of Rhode Island and Narragansett Bay surveyed in pursuance of directions from the lords of the ...

Map of Newport shows layout of Newport and Goat Island with wharves and streets. Black frame. Surveyed by Charles Blaskowitz; engraved and published by William Faden, Charing Cross, Sept. 1, 1777.

April 24 1776

'A Plan of The Town of Newport in the Province of Rhode island' includes 14 wharves, 21 public buildings and 52 streets. The scale if of 4000 feet. Plan encased in plain wood frame,

Brown Quaker girl's dress with coarse linen lining. Yellowed fine muslin ruffles at neck and cuffs. Tan 1/4 in. trim around neck. Relatively large (3/4 in. deep) cartridge pleats on waist of skirt....

Man's breeches in tan made from jersey cloth, cotton, with ribbed back. Made and worn by James Gould, who was a tailor. His business established in 1763, died in 1812.

1775 – 1825

Lady's fancy grey, silk lined bag with drawstring.

1775 – 1825

Lady's Fancy Bag. White cotton, central band each side, embroidered in white cotton, connecting band of pinch-puffs. May be part of D34.

1775 – 1825

Natural, unbleached homespun linen. Simple bodice, small cut at lower back of bodice. Wardrobe: Third floor E, Drawer: A

1775 – 1825

Woman's working dress or short gown. Indigo blue and white stripes, made from homespun linen. Low neck, long sleeves, sht. peplum. Swatch of similiar material among Wilbour samples. Wardrobe: 3rd F...

Lady's fancy bag of brown canton crepe, lined with striped cream, tan and blue cotton with drawstring.

1775 – 1800

Cylindrical stand in round tray, holder on one side, lever to raise base inside stand.

Small tapering tweezers with ivory hinge.

Basket, Cake
1775 – 1776

Cake basket elaborately pierced, with repousee swages. Possibly made by P. Freeman in London, England.

Bowl (vessel)
1775 – 1800

Porcelain bowl with exterior decoration of a building with the flag of England on top and the opposite side depicts a ship between polychrome flowers; decorative band around the rim.

Plate, Food
1775 – 1790

Earthenware (creamware) plate with molded rim with rust outlines; black classical figure and heraldic lion painted in center, surrounded by scroll and floral motif. The artist is possibly John Turner.

1774 – 1796

Porcelain saucer with fruit and flower polychrome decoration; gilt scrolled band around interior edge. Symbol on bottom which looks like two crossed swords on bottom.

circa 1773

Tin-glazed "delf-ware"tankard with a greyish-blue symbol on front with date 1773; pewter cover and base ring; cover engraved with initials "J.E.U." and "No. 19".

House in center flanked by blossoming trees, enclosed by a gate. Wavy border with flowers emerging from border. Five verses. Various verses on back. Made in Newport Verses read "Duty fear and love ...

Central panel has a house, male and female figures with animals. Two alphabet sequences and one number sequence, one verse. Border has flowers, house, trees, and male figures. Verse: "How vast must...

Backstaff or quadrant made of light and dark woods. All markings are stamped or otherwise inscribed into the wood, with some decorative rosettes added. The maker's stamp is on the central cross-pie...

Fabric sample books from Samuel Philips And Company, Manchester, England, Fustian and Cotton Manufacturers. Set includes swatches #44-183 in one booklet, 184-316 in another, and 317-362 in a third....

Cap (headgear)
circa 1770

White cap of fine muslin. Has yellowed over time. Narrow ruffle around face and under chin. Edged with narrow tuck and hem stitching.

circa 1770

Spoon with engraved initials: "H H/TO/MAH" in script. "D.R" enclosed in a square, "D Rogers" enclosed in a rectangle.

circa 1770

Porcelain polychrome fruit and flower decoration; twisted handle; gilt scrolled band around interior edge. Symbol which looks like two crossed swords on bottom.

Glass, Wine
circa 1770

Clear, stemmed wine glass, drawn bowl.

Candle snuffers: silver scissors-type snuffers with ornate cast handle and incised box. Monogrammed "CMC". Two feet on handles; one near pointed tip. Six hallmarks inside box. Once owned by George ...

1770 – 1848

Cut out silhouette of Nicholas Hassard (1770-1848), of light paper over darker cloth; facing right, with a high collar and hair standing up. Gold painted frame. Written across the bottom: "Nicholas...

Candle lantern with pierced tin rectangular frame with stepped top, ring attached. Two pieces of old glass, possibly original, remain; one panel has replacement glass, one panel has none. Receptacl...

1769 – 1856

Silhouette of Stephen Northam (1769-1856) is facing left wearing a white collar, light blue tie, black coat with tails holding a quill pen. Drawn in room shows built-in bookshelves, flowers and bla...

1765 – 1856

Silhouette of Michele Felice Corne (1765-1856) sitting on a stool facing right; tan paper mounted on lighter paper. Wood frame painted gold. Michele Felice Corne written underneath. This is a fasci...

1765 – 1856

Full length profile silhouette of Job Sherman (1765-1856) facing right. He is wearing a hat and coat with tails. One arm appears put in the coat across his chest. Backing is water stained.

1763 – 1813

Silhouette of Elizabeth Arden (1763-1813) painted on glass, facing left. Hair is done up in a bun with some falling loose. Oval in a square frame: gold painted carved frame.

1763 – 1833

Profile of George Gibbs (1763-1833), facing right; short hair with scraggly sideburns, high collar with knotted tie, dark coat, gray background. Round tarnished gold and wood frame. On back: "GEO. ...

Davis Quadrant
1760 – 1780

Davis quadrant (or backstaff) composed of 2 arcs of a circle having the same center. Supported by wooden stand. Ivory inlay reads: made by Benjamin King for Mr. John Langley, Jr. See also #01.756

1760 – 1790

Oval-shaped copper tobacco box with applied silver oval on lid. Top of box engraved with flowers and phrase. Bottom engraved with vines encircling a sailing ship. Engraved with initials "PH", "Come...

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