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Map of Daniel Gould's farm in Middletown; includes a listing of abutters and depictions of individual trees, a grave, a corn crib, and a spring that "never dries". This property descended through t...

circa 1745

Cross-cut piece of white pine piling; base of branch protrudes from one side; some bark remains/ 87 rings; has been heavily shellacked; top surface sanded in 1995. Said to be part of the original (...

Long format, one alphabet sequence, one number sequence, one verse, three border patterns. Stitches: queen, eyelet, cross, tent. Verse on back. Design similar to samplers by Sarah Baley and Elizabe...

Purse made of wool yarn (crewel) on linen with Irish stitch, worked in pinks, yellows, and blues, olive lining. Long shape. Made in New England

Cup with handle and engraved initials on bottom: "M*A/to/A*M/to/M*A*M". Slightly bell-shaped body; molded base; strap handle. Probablt American.

1740 – 1760

Salt-glazed stoneware teapot. Enamels; polychrome flowers; round shaped body with spout, handle, and lid. Tag inside pot reads: "teapot brought over in the 'Mayflower'.

1740 – 1770

Mahogany Queen Anne style side chair, probably made in Boston, with cabriole legs and ball-and-claw feet, block-and-turned stretchers, compass seat, and knees. Brown leather (not original) upholst...

Purse made of wool yarn (crewel) on linen with Irish stitch, pink flame pattern with blue also, green lining, pink binding. Made in New England.

1731 – 1802

A single ladies white printed leather shoe with wedge heel. The shoe has a white repetitious print of spirals and paisleys. Written on the sole in ink are the words "Shoe of Mrs. General Washington...

Spoon, Eating
1730 – 1761

Spoon with rat tail on back of bowl; mid-rib on front of handle, which turns up. Marked with "MR" enclosed in a square. Moody Russell was the uncle of Newport silversmith Jonathan Otis.

1730 – 1750

Spoon with engraved initials: "ES" and also the date, "1753"; shell on back of bowl; midrib on front of handle which curves up. Date probably added. Marked with "I:O" enclosed in a circle, plus thr...

01.180 AB
Pocket (bag)
1730 – 1780

Pear-shaped pockets with a braid along outer borders. Crewel embroidered flowers on front. Each pocket has a different floral design, "B" is more frayed than "A". Backing on both is deteriorating. ...

W 1960.1.3
Side Chair
1730 – 1750

Mahogany Queen Anne style side chair with bowed crest rail; vase-shaped splat, compass seat, cabriole legs with c-scrolls on knees, pad feet, cyma-curved flat stretchers; brown leather upholstery (...

A single white silk shoe (A) with colorful embroidered leaves and flowers, green trim, green ribbon over instep, up turned pointed toe. (B) is a single brown leather patten or clog (that fits the s...

18th century

Buckram and whalebone covered and lined with linen. Outside, heavy linen, lined with narrow yellow braid; inside coarse linen. Bound with white kid, fastens in back. from the shop of Jabez Carpen...

Brocade (textile)
18th century

Swatch of brocade with rose ground.

1700 – 1750

White bolt of India muslin with small silver stars, now yellowed.

Light and dark indigo blue and white striped woolen fabric with some twilled stripes. Ticketed in same hand as D225, "A piece of my great Grandmother's Petticoat more than a hundred years old. ~1885"

18th century

Needlepoint fragment. Cream ground with colored flowers. Silks on a wool canvas. Floral design, conventional, balanced in extremely fine needlepoint. Carnation predominates with an unusual backgrou...

18th century

White pair of pockets with colored embroidery, bound with blue twilled cotton emboridery, Lined india cotton. To be ties around the waist, under skirt, opening by plackets on hips

Fire Hat
18th century

Black felt hat. Seems to be tricorne. Possibly early fire hat

Bonnet (hat)
18th century

Black silk Quaker bonnet lined in white. Homespun linen and square mesh linen gauze and a piece of marbled cardboard used in stiffening.

18th century

Painted iron strongbox, back of box is unpainted. Front of box has false key hole in center, the actual key hole is in the center of the lid. Iron handles on sides of box. Front and back of box are...

34 swatches of checked, striped and plaid fabrics. Died with indigo and saffron. Fabrics of various materials: linen, cotton and possibly hemp. Ticketed, "These pieces are specimens of cloth manufa...

Piece A is a fragment of sleeve. Piece B is a strip with nine buttons. Indigo and white vertically striped linen. Buttons worked in blue and white thread over slightly irregular wooden mould. Fragm...

Cap (headgear)
18th century

Baby's plain white linen cap, simply stitched, not fitted at the back of the head. Similar to D137.

Cap (headgear)
18th century

Infant's cap in white homespun linen

18th century

Brown coutil stays with baleen boning and bound in a mix of white and brown leather. No shoulder straps and a very pointed front. Padding 4 1/2 x 1 in. on inside center bottom of stays. Iron rod in...

18th century

Unbleached stays with tabs at the bottom. No shoulder straps. Front comes to point and has decorative lacings with a narrow cord resembling a stomacher. Desiccated and deteriorated leather binding....

Pair of white silk shoes with colorful floral embroidery, olive green trim, overlapping instep straps with oval shaped buckles inlaid with faux white diamonds.
Printed note on paper in one sh...

Lady's Fancy Bag. White Linen bag with yellow embroidery. White Twill tape drawstring about 3/8" wide. Floral design, nearly balanced sprays growing from urn. Bag may be portion of larger piece.

96.46.6 ABC
18th century

Wooden cylinder-shaped butter churn, five 1" wide bands around the body of churn, cover (b) has a hole in the center for the plunger's handle to fit through. The plunger (c) handle is 26" long with...

Buckle, Shoe
18th century

Plain silver shoe buckle with a narrow rectangular frame. Two tined steel fork and toothed loop. Each attached separately to central pivot. "SP' appears in raised letter in a rough rectangle. XXXXV...

Lamp, Oil
18th century

A twin-wicked oil lamp. The metal wick holders fit onto a round glass holding the oil. This fits into a small metal cylinder fastened to a fluted metal saucer. Has paper tag: "2 lamp wicks/23".

Lamp, Oil
18th century

Oil lamp with a round glass jug with glass handle holds the oil and the wick from the brass fixture. There is a brass screw to adjust the flame. "Pat'd Dec 10 67 Venus" on adjusting screw.

1700 – 1750

Circular lenses w/ cross between a "c" and a crank bridge, no temple bars and no sign of these glasses once having bars; gold braiding remains where frame would have been touching the nose; wire ri...

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