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Brochure advertising a cruise aboard the schooner "Bill of Rights." The pamphlet describes accommodations, meals, and activities aboard the ship. The ship is captained by Joseph M. Davis, Jr.

January 26 1931

Small pamphlet detailing the history of Ida Lewis. Front cover includes title and "Presented by/ 'The Old Stone Bank'/Providence, R.I./January 26, 1931." Back cover provides information about the P...

A booklet detailing the construction of the Mount Hope Bridge, which was completed in 1929. Pages are made of (or appear as) blueprint paper. An image of the Bridge is affixed to the cover; title r...

Tourist pamphlet for Newport, RI. Front cover features title above drawing of patrons at Newport Beach. Inside details other tourist destinations in Newport with information as well as popular even...

Small booklet of poems related to various Newport businesses. Primarily, the poems concern advertisements for William Shepley's tinsmith business, written by him. Others deal with selected Newport ...

Pamphlet produced by Renfrew Park Cottage Co. of Newport, RI, advertising furnished summer cottages for rent. The pamphlet includes photographs of Easton's Beach, the Cliffs, the Old Stone Mill, th...

A small pamphlet of information for visitors to Newport including advertisements, the Old Colony Railroad and steamboat timetable, postal rates, coin values, grooming and housekeeping advice, salar...

Pamphlet about the life of Ida Lewis, entitled, "Ida Lewis, The Heroine of Lime Rock." By George D. Brewerton. 

Pamphlet titled, "Newport in 1780." Map of RI with accompanying text.

Three copies of the photocopied pamphlet, "At the 'Rec': A History of the Recreation Center at The Friends Meeting House, 1922-1967." by Diane M. McCaffrey

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